Game Progress Route for NieR Replicant features a recommended progression path for the main campaign of the game, it aims to provide important points of the game to avoid any missing important aspects such as relevant Locations, NPCs, Items, as well as involved Enemies and Bosses that are encountered. For guides and a list of quests, click here, and if you want to check a detailed guide for each location, you may visit our Walkthrough page.


Nier Replicant Game Progress Route

The Game Progress Route in NieR Replicant follows the linear main mission story in the game aside from the recommended time slots for Quests/ 




  • Learn Combat and basic Controls
  • Learn attack mechanics- magic & melee
  • Clear the Shades / Defeat the Shade Boss


  • Combo Fanatic - 50 hit combo
  • Combo Master - 100 hit combo 


The point of the prologue is to introduce the game controls and mechanics to the player. Clearing the section is simple. Clear all the Shades in the area using the control instructions provided.

During combat, Sealed Verses can also be trialed. Use the controls on the instructions to clear the Shades and the Shade boss. Return to Yonah at the back of the building to end the prologue. 




Village / Northern Plains 


Main Quest Objectives


  • The Sheep Whisperer - Kill 100 sheep



Speak to Yonah, then head to the Library and Speak to Popola for a quest

Before exiting the Library, speak to Yonah near the exit and then leave the library to trigger an introduction cutscene.

Harvest ten mutton from the Northern Plains then retrieve the Medicinal Herbs from the Item Shopkeeper. Clear any Shades along the way. Return the items to Popola. 

Speak to Popola then clear the Shades at the Northern Plains. Head home and Yonah will be missing. 

Speak to Popola again for any leads




Lost Shrine 

Main Quest Objectives

Boss Fight Sequences 


Grimoire Weiss

Head through the Eastern Gate, obtain Yonah's ribbon from the floor. Head through the Eastern Road.

Find another route into the Lost Shrine.

Obtain the Lost Shrine map after the first flight of stairs in the crate. Head all the way up to the roof and clear the Shades on the way. 

Focus on hitting the book in the center of the room until it released. Accept the Aid of Grimoire Weiss and clear the room of Shades

A boss battle against the Statues, Hansel and Gretel will be triggered. Defeat them and interact with Yonah to bring her home 





 Speak to Devola to learn about the Song of the Ancients, then speak to Popola for more information, she will lead you to The Aerie's chief.

Concluding this conversation will prompt NieR to look for some Side Quests. All Act I Village Side Quests can be started at this time. 

Enter The Aerie and fight Shades off until you speak the Chief of The Aerie at his hut. 

Leave The Aerie and interact with the deserted tent and NieR will encounter Kainé. It will trigger a boss fight with her followed by another boss fight sequence with Hook

Upon its defeat, NieR will obtain another Sealed Verse.  





Yonah will feel sick. Popola will send NieR to look for a Shaman Fish at Seafront

Speak to the fisherman for a fishing rod and lure. Fish at the hidden beach further away from the old Fisherman towards the lighthouse. 

Act I Seafront Quests can be activated anytime now. 

Take the Shaman Fish back to Yonah - this will be a great time to start the Quest, Yonah's Home Cooking, or any other Side Quests in the Village or Seafront

Speak to Popola again. She will send NieR to the Junk Heap to upgrade his weapon

While at Popola's study, begin the Quest, Herbal Remedies by speaking to Popola before going to the Junk Heap.



Junk Heap 


  • Obtain the Junk Heap map from Jakob

Main Quest Objectives

Boss Fight Sequences


Two Brothers Weaponry

Speak to Jakob from Two Brothers Weaponry

Obtain three titanium alloys from the robots of the Junk Heap and return them to Jakob to upgrade your weapon

Defeat the Boss Defense System Gepetto, and locate Gideon and Jakob's mother. 

Return and report the news to the Brothers. 

With the upgraded weapon, return to the Aerie.


The Aerie

Main Quest Objectives

Boss Fight Sequences



Returning to The Aerie will trigger a cutscene and the Aerie will be under attack.

Clear the Shades and defeat Hook

Defeating Hook will reward NieR with another Sealed Verse

Kainé will suggest traveling to Facade for information on the Black Scrawl. Head to Facade through the Desert



Facade & the Barren Temple 


Main Quest Objectives

Boss Fight Sequences

Facade Side Quests


 King of Facade

In Facade, navigate towards the King's Manor

Return back to the entrance when prompted Head back to Kainé's direction and help the fallen Masked Person, Fyra

Finish up her tour, head back to Kainé. 

The Masked Soldiers will interrupt. The Prince is missing. NieR will be tasked to fetch him at the Barren Temple 

Follow Fyra to the Barren Temple

Clear all the temple rooms and their rules and locate the Prince in the last boss room. 

Defeat Shahriyar, and rescue the Prince. He is now the King of Facade

Return to the Village or Activate the Act I Facade Side Quests



Forest of Myth

Main Quest Objectives



Ask Popola for the next main story mission. 

She received a letter from the Mayor of the Forest of Myth

 Solve the riddles and save each villager from the Deathdream

Saving the village will reward NieR with another Sealed Verse

Report back to Popola, she will say Yonah is looking for him 


Emil's Manor 


Main Quest Objectives

Boss Fight Sequences 



Yonah will be looking for NieR. Return to Yonah and she will talk about her new penpal in the mansion down south. 

Ensure all Act I Side Quests are finished before heading to the Southern Plains. 

Clear or avoid the Shades in the Southern Plains and go through the metal gates to the manor 

NieR will be welcomed by the Butler who will tell him to stay put.

Explore the Manor and speak to Emil

Before entering the Library. There will be a weapon in a crate in the hallway with a save mailbox. Break the crate and obtain the Blade of Treachery

Enter the next room and Defeat Grimoire Rumbrum and obtain the last Sealed Verse

Return to the Village. 




Main Quest Objectives

  • Clear the Shades
  • Clear the boss fights 

Boss Fight Sequences

  • Jack of Hearts 
  • Grimoire Noir 



Speak to Yonah, then speak to Popola 

Their conversation will be cut short with a rumble. The Village is breached by a horde of Shades

Clear the Shades and fight off the Jack of Hearts during the Boss Sequence.

Check on Yonah in the Library

Continue fighting off the Jack of Hearts and the Shades in the Library

Fight off Grimoire Noir. This will also be the first encounter with the Shadowlord

Yonah has been kidnapped by the Shadowlord, and this will conclude Act I  



 Act II

Speak to Popola for new information. She will show NieR a letter from Emil

There will be a new set of Village Quests available for activation for Act II 

Head back to Emil's Manor



Underground Laboratory

Main Quest Objectives

  • Do not leave Emil behind 
  • Collect Snow White Plans documents
  • Collect Key Cards to Progress

Boss Fight Sequences


Cure for Petrification

Speak to Emil. He wants to explore the Underground Laboratory for information on his powers.

Don't let Emil fall behind. 

Clear the Shades, locate the keycards and documents to progress

The last room will initiate a boss fight sequence with experiment Number 6

Completing this section will provide the cure for petrification

This will return them to Kainé in the Village Library and free her. This will also release Jack of Hearts and trigger another boss fight sequence. 


Lost Shrine

Main Quest Objectives


Boss Fight Sequences 



Mysterious Stone Fragment

Popola will introduce fast travel. She will send NieR to the Lost Shrine again. 

Clear the Shrine and enter another boss fight with Gretel, the now single stone guardian. Defeat the stone guardian.

She will severely injure Kainé and begin to trigger her Shade relapse. 

A boss fight will initiate with Kainé. 

Clear the boss fight and examine the object at the portal. 

Collect the Mysterious Stone Fragment

Return to Popola and she will suggest heading to the Forest of Myth or the Junk Heap for the next Key Fragments



Junk Heap


Main Quest Objectives





Gideon's Flashback

Clear the Shades and obtain Memory Alloy from the bigger robots

Return the material to Gideon. 

Report to Popola, she will say you have some mail. 

NieR has been invited to the King of Facade's wedding. Head to Facade to attend the wedding 




Loyal Cerberus 

Enter the King's Manor.  Speak to the King on the roof of the Manor.

Clear the Wolves that ruined the wedding. 

Join the King and avenge Fyra.

Go through the desert to the Wolves' den and clear the wolves and their pack leader, Roc in the boss fight sequence. 

Defeating him will reward NieR with the Loyal Cerberus Key Fragment. 

Return to the Village and there will be a letter for NieR at the mailbox from Gideon. His weapon is ready. 



Junk Heap

Main Quest Objectives

Boss Fight Sequences 



Law of Robotics 

Retrieve the upgraded weapon

Return into the Junk Heap with Gideon

Reach the last boss room and trigger a boss sequence with P-33

His defeat will be rewarded with the next Key Fragment, Law of Robotics Key




The Memory Tree

Speak to the Mayor then enter the dialogue with the Divine Tree 

"What was the color of lost envy?"

  • The color of the girl's eyes from the first memory story.

"I implore you: How many were lost by the warrior who fought the red-eyed beasts?"

  • Her daughter, and the number of her companions, from the second memory story.

Complete the Dialogue sequence to obtain the Memory Tree Key Fragment

Report back to Popola, she will send NieR back to the Aerie





The Aerie

Main Quest Objectives

Boss Fight Sequences 



Sacrifice Key

Look for the Chief's hut again and examine it. He won't help.

Speak to the other villagers and it will eventually trigger a fight sequence.

This will eventually lead to a boss fight with Wendy.

Defeat Wendy for the Sacrifice Key

Return all the Keys to Popola. Finally take all the keys to the portal in the Lost Shrine

Ensure all Act II Side Quests are completed before heading to the Lost Shrine 

The fast travel boat will be available to take directly to the Lost Shrine.




Shadowlord's Castle 


Main Quest Objectives

  • Answer the birds at the Atrium 

Boss Fight Sequences 



The Birds 

Head through the sealed Portal and use the Keys to enter the Shadowlord's Castle.

Interact with the birds at the atrium and answer their questions. 

Enter the next set of doors and Devola & Popola will initiate a boss fight sequence. 

Deplete their HP to progress through the next set of doors. 




Shadowlord's Castle

Main Quest Objectives

  • Clear the Shades in the room 

Boss Fight Sequences 



The Ballroom 

Clear the Shades in the room

Open the next set of doors and a boss fight sequence will initiate. 

Defeat the Shade Wild Boar twice. He will have the ability to regenerate. 

Proceed through the next doors after he regenerates. 

Climb the tower to the top. 

Continue to fight the Shade Wild boar in the next room. The King of Facade will appear. 

Progress forward when the doors open.




Shadowlord's Castle

Boss Fight Sequences 




The next rooms will initiate three boss fight sequences in a row. 

Defeat Devola & Popola. Progress through the next rooms. 

Defeat Grimoire Noir

Defeat the Shadowlord to conclude the game and receive an Ending.



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