Life in the Sands

Type Act II Side Quest
Requirements Field for gardening
Client Facade Masked Person
Location Facade
Reward  10000 gold

Life in the Sands is one of the Side Quests in NieR Replicant. Side quests are optional tasks or quests usually requested by NPCs that players can choose to complete in order to obtain rewards. Some quests rewards are required for certain endings. 


A person near the mailbox in Facade wants some seeds to grow in the desert. Bring the client ten pink moonflower seeds.

You collected the seeds. bring them back tot he client.

You gave the seeds to the client.


All Facade Quests can only be started after NieR's first trip to Facade in the main storyline. The quests will appear after returning from the Barren Temple with the King of Facade.


Life in the Sands Rewards

  • 10000 gold


Life in the Sands Objectives

Bring ten Pink Moonflower Seeds to the Masked Person in Facade so she could attempt to grow them in the desert



Life in the Sands Walkthrough

The Shopping List and A Return to Shopping Quests are recommended to be finished before this quest, so NieR has access to the garden to plant seeds. 
If neither is done, Cultivator's Handbook can be bought from the Florist at the Village for 5,000 Gold, so NieR can use the garden.

Masked Person: " (My dream is to find some flower seeds and turn this desert into a beautiful garden.)"

Moonflower seeds can be bought from any Flower Shop or the Seafront Grocer. She will be selling red, gold, and blue moonflower seeds for 120 gold each.
Pink Moonflower seeds can only be obtained by crossbreeding flowers. 

(Gold + Blue seeds = Indigo moonflower seeds)
(Red + Indigo moonflower seeds = Pink moonflower seeds)
  • Purchase 20 of each Moonflower seed colour from the Seafront Grocer
  • Plant Gold and Blue Moonflower seeds side by side horizontally for a chance in cultivating Indigo seeds
  • Wait 2 days or advance the clock(Save the game, change the system clock, then load save, no need to exit the game), so the plants can die off and seeds can be harvested. Check for indigo moonflower seeds
  • When Indigo seeds are obtained, plant red and indigo seeds side by side for a chance in cultivating pink moonflower seeds
  • When Pink moonflower seeds are obtained, plant them and wait two days to generate more seeds.
  • After you have harvested 10 seeds, return them to the client to end the quest
  • It's advised that you harvest more than 10 peach seeds as you will need them to create a Lunar Tear and obtain a trophy / achievement.

Client: " (Bwa ha ha! Now we are one step closer to bring forth The Order of the Demonic Blossom!)


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