The Despicable Man

Type Act II Side Quest
Client Villager Woman
Location The Village
Reward  15000 gold

The Despicable Man is one of the Side Quests in NieR Replicant. Side quests are optional tasks or quests usually requested by NPCs that players can choose to complete in order to obtain rewards. Some quests rewards are required for certain endings. 


The woman sitting diagonally across from the weapon shop asked you to find a young man wearing a golden necklace. Ask around to see if anyone nearby saw him.

You learned that he's in the Forest of Myth.

You learned that he's in Seafront.

You learned that he's at the Junk Heap. go to Two Brothers Weaponry and ask about him.

The man is dead. Report back to the client.

You informed the client of the situation. This wasn't a very pleasant job...

The Despicable Man Rewards

  • 15000 gold


The Despicable Man Objectives

Look for the woman's lost boyfriend


The Despicable Man Walkthrough

NieR has to have collected four Key Fragments before this quest is activated

  • Speak to the Villager Woman sitting across the Blacksmith next to the Village Shopping District south entrance

She will start off by telling NieR that he smells like her boyfriend and asks him to help her find her boyfriend who she last saw five years ago. He always wears a flashy gold necklace. 


  • Look for clues starting with asking the left guard at the northern gate

He will say the guy with the gold necklace was heading for the Forest of Myth


Forest of Myth

  • Head to the Forest of Myth and speak to the male Villager toward the back of the village with a quest indicator icon on their head.

Villager: "The Goddamn bastard ran off with my wife! if you find him, bring him back here so I can murder the bastard!"

Last he heard he was heading for Seafront



  • Head to Seafront and speak to the woman at the main plaza (next to the post office) with the quest marker. She will be in yellow on the east side of the plaza. 

He has also left her for five years, but she insists that he promised to come back 

  • Speak to the Apprentice Postman in front of the Post office

Last he heard he left for the north after people caught on with his counterfeit merchandise.  

  • Speak to the man sitting on the platform above the Fishmonger. 

He last heard he took off for Junk Heap.


Junk Heap

Gideon will say his mom used to spend time with him. NieR will realize that the body they previously found at Junk Heap with their mother's probably belonged to him.


  • Return to the Village and inform the client that her boyfriend is dead to end the quest



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