The Missing Girl 

Type Act I Side Quest
Client Facade Masked Person
Location Facade
Reward  10000 gold

The Missing Girl is one of the Side Quests in NieR Replicant. Side quests are optional tasks or quests usually requested by NPCs that players can choose to complete in order to obtain rewards. Some quests rewards are required for certain endings. 


A family near Facade's strange-thing store cannot find their daughter. Ask around Facade and see what you can learn.

The daughter was sighted with her boyfriend on the lowest level of town. Go search for further clues

You found traces of blood on the lowest level of town. It's time to meet with the girl's boyfriend.

The daughter's boyfriend stands watch over the town's entrance.

The girl's body was dumped at the sandspout well just outside Facade. Search the location for clues.

You can't find the body. Tell her parents the grim news.

The girl was alive the whole time! How strange...

All Facade Quests can only be started after NieR's first trip to Facade in the main storyline. The quests will appear after returning from the Barren Temple with the King of Facade.


The Missing Girl Rewards

  • 10000 gold


The Missing Girl Objectives

Ask around for clues, and look for the missing girl.


The Missing Girl Walkthrough


She will mention that her daughter has been missing for a few days and would like some help looking for her. She will be wearing their family heirloom gold ring

  • Ask around for any sightings

Someone above the Strange Item Shop will mention the saw her at the lowest level of the city just yesterday
Another Masked person near the King's Mansion will say she was shopping with someone in the strange-thing store
The Masked Person near the Strange Item Shop below the stairs will say he saw her hanging around with her boyfriend
The guard near the bloodstain in the low level will suggest asking her boyfriend. He is standing watch at the town entrance 

NieR will come across some bloodstains where they were last seen with an orange indicator

  • Inspect the bloodstains on the floor where they were last seen (lower area under the Strange Item Shop, in a nook to the left of the stairs when coming down)
  • Speak with the boyfriend standing watch near the town entrance..

He will say they argued, and he accidentally pushed her. He put her body in the sandspout well just outside the city. 

  • Inspect the sandspout well just outside the city

NieR won't be able to locate anybody

  • Return to her family (by the Strange Thing Store) and speak with the starting Masked Person

She will say her daughter is alive and has returned. This will end the quest. 

See Shadows of the Desert for a continuation of this storyline.


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      ok this guide a little wrong about missing girl. at the part where you need to talk to the guard near the bloodstain, after i ran around wasting 2 hours trying to find him with a talk message over his head, you need to check bloodstain 1st then he's behind you over by the treasury door then go talk to boyfriend

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