Character Type Main Character NPC
Family NieR's Sister
Voice Ai Nonaka
Heather Hogan

Yonah is an NPC in NieR's Replicant. She is NieRs' fatally ill sister and a main character in the story.  She is the cause and drive for NieR's determination to progress. As he progress, we will also watch her grow up. The story centers around her fatal illness, which we later find out to be Black Scrawl, a disease believed to be caused by the black book, Grimoire Noir


As said in the Song of the Ancients, looking for all eight Sealed Verses for Grimoire Weiss would potentially cure her disease and end the chaos caused by the Grimoire Noir. Throughout Nier's Replicant, we will see NieR doing everything in his power to provide a better quality of life and care for his sister Yonah, and spends the rest of the time saving her from trouble. 


Yonah Information

Yonah may be gravely ill, but she is a headstrong character with a determination to be more independent for the sake of NieR. Early on in the game, she shows her awareness of how much effort NieR puts in to care for her.  NieR urges her to stay home to rest as he carries out some chores around the village in exchange for gold to provide for them both. Despite his requests though, you'll often find her out of bed, not wanting to rely on NieR to do everything for her. 

She often sympathizes with her brother’s efforts to take care of her and because of this, she wants to relieve NieR of some of his responsibilities and takes the initiative to help. At one point, she sets off for the Lost Shrine upon hearing about the myth of the Lunar Tear flower that grants wishes in order to cure her own disease, so that hopefully NieR would not have to dedicate all his time into worrying about her.  Though NieR's worrying is inevitable because of her frail state, and only causes more trouble for herself and gives NieR another task to go out and look for her. 


Yonah Endings

  • It is revealed in the end that Yonah and the main characters we came to know are not true humans. The true humans, like the ones in the prologue, have morphed to become Shades, or souls without vessels. The Shadowlord is actually the real human NieR and the protagonist NieR is a replicant that exists to provide a vessel for the original human souls. 
  • Both NieRs still have the same drive and motivation to protect Yonah. The Shadowlord kidnaps replicant Yonah because he could not wait to use her vessel for the original Yonah. The ending reveals that the process was successful and her body had been possessed by the real Yonah. But she gives up her body because she felt the replicant's love was as strong as hers and decides to return her to her brother. She leaves her body and Yonah returns to NieR. 



Quotes and Dialogue

Yonah to NieR 

  • Yonah: " Don't hate me for this, okay? It's just.. I don't want you to hate me because of this.. this disease." 



Yonah Remastered Comparison



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