Stats in NieR Replicant features the various attributes of the playable character, the Protagonist. On this page, you can find all the information related to Attributes, Stats, Status Ailments, and Character Stats.

All Stats in NieR Replicant are leveled up by gaining EXP and completing quests, and defeating Shades and enemies. His level is a direct aspect that will determine the effectiveness of his magic, (Sealed Verses),  HP and MP levels, and ability to upgrade his weapons. This page will also show the type of items that can affect abilities. 


NieR Stats


Attack Power

Attack Power is the amount of increased damage dealt to opponents when a weapon is equipped



Magic Power

Magic Power, even when its tied to weapons, is the increased damage added to your equipped Sealed Verse. Equipping a weapon with an increased Magic Power will increase your Sealed Verses effectiveness. 

Physical Strength

Physical Strength is the increase of attack speed, affected by the weight of the weapon.  Physical Strength has a small cap, and an increase of this ability may not be as noticeable as the others. 

Armour Break

Amour break is the increased ability to break opponents armour 

Guard Break

Guard Break is the increased ability to break through a Shades block or guard to land a hit

Knockback Resistance

Knockback Resistance, like its name, is the increased chance that NieR will not be knocked back by stronger blows


Physical Defense

Physical Defense is the amount of physical damage NieR is able to block or decrease

Magic Defense

Magic Defense is the amount of damage from magic attacks NieR is able to block or decrease

MP Recovery Rate

MP Recovery Rate is the rate and how fast his Magic recovers while using the magic power of Sealed Verses


Magic Cost

Magic Cost is how much the MP Meter is being drained per use of magic abilities

EXP Rate

EXP Rate is the increase in how much EXP NieR gains during battle 

Item Drop Rate

Increase Drop Rate is the increase of the chances of having an item dropped after NieR kills a Shade 


How to level up NieR or the Sealed Verses

NieR, his weapons, and the Sealed Verses have levels on them. In the introduction sequence, the game notifies you when NieR levels up. After the introduction,  NieR will progressively level up in the same way. As he defeats Shades, he gains EXP and levels up. The EXP and level status and be checked in-depth in the Status menu.

As NieR levels up, the Sealed Verses do as well. Sealed Verses are able to charge for longer and affect the strength, size, or duration of the ability depending on the Sealed Verse.

HP and MP

Your HP and MP meters are always on the top right of your screen. The green measures your health, and the blue meter measures the Magic that gets used up by the Sealed Verses.  You will need to use your items to replenish your health, but the magic bar replenishes itself gradually. Both of these can be affected with items and tutorials, accelerating their recovery. 

HP, MP, Level, EXP, Gold, and Equipped Weapon status can be located on the top right when you enter your menu.


Obtaining Tutorials

Throughout the games, you will also obtain some tutorials. They are skills that are already part of NieR's abilities. At anytime they can be viewed through Grimoire Weiss's "Memo" tab in your menu, under "Tutorials," which will give you a list of the tutorials you have learned so far and a description of what they do.

These abilities include being able to avoid damage absorb more MP from the magic orbs with your weapon (Deflecting Enemy Magic) and basic abilities like being able to break an enemy's guard (Guard Break) 

Word Buffs

Words are items in-game that can buff abilities to your Magic, Weapons or Martial Arts. Each Word has a different percentage of increase in each of these categories: 

Some words may even already have an extra status effect bound to them.

As NieR kills off Shades and enemies throughout the game, sometimes a symbol will fly out and you will be notified that you have obtained a Word. These words enable you to power up weapons and magic or attach them to a martial arts move. For example, +2% attack power can be wielded onto a sword. They do not need to be collected as Shades are defeated as they are immediately obtained. 

Make use of the words obtained by applying them to weapons or magic on Grimoire Weiss's 'Word Edit' tab. Stack up to two Words to an item, and its name will be added as a prefix to the item you chose to apply it to. such as "Pah Mah Nameless Blade" when applying two Words to the Nameless Blade.   

Word Edit will show all words related to a Category

Pairing words to weapons will show you the exact percentage of each effect



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