Magic Power


Magic Power is damage NieR deals during combat when using his Magic and Sealed Verses affected by 4 factors: 

(NieR's Level/EXP) + (Equipped Weapon Magic Power level) + ( Words equipped +%? x2) + (Magic Items for a temporary effect) 

Magic Power is a stat in NieR Replicant, which is the amount of increased magic damage dealt to opponent Shades and enemies when a bound weapon is equipped and a Sealed Verse is being used. This is improved as the player progresses in the game, levels up, and gains EXP.  

What can affect or increase NieR's Magic Power?

There are other different factors that can stack and allow NieRs' magic power to increase. 

  • As NieR's stats level up, so does the power of the Sealed Verses. It will be noticeable while charging up Sealed Verse attacks. The powers will usually increase the maximum size, power, or duration the Sealed Verse is capable of. 
  • Though weapons directly affect Attack Power, if they are equipped with any Magic Power, the equipped weapon will directly affect the power of the Sealed Verse in use as well. 
  • Words can be bound to weapons and magic to increase overall damage and Magic Power. When words with magic power perks are bound to weapons, the perk will only be relevant when using NieR's Sealed Verse Magic. The percent increase ranges from 2-30%. Words with the prefix "Geb" will specifically increase Magic Power. Up to two words can be bound to an object at a time, and they are reusable. Words can be bound to multiple weapons at a time as well.
  • Some items that affect his stats will be able to temporarily affect his Magic Power. The Magic Drop will double magic damage for 30 seconds while the Spirit drop halves magic attack damage received from enemies for 30 seconds and the Spirit Capsule for 60 seconds.





equipment stat differences will be shown when purchasing weapons


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