Physical Strength


Physical Strength can be affected by a few factors: 

(NieR's Level/EXP) + (Equipped Weapon weight) + ( Words equipped +%? x2)   

Physical Strength is a stat in NieR Replicant that dictates the speed of a weapon or how fast NieR is able to use his weapon against enemies and Shades. This is affected by weapon weight and can be manipulated with word spells. 


What can affect or increase Physical Strength?

There are different factors that can stack and allow NieR's Physical strength to increase. 

  • Physical strength follows NieR's level and basic stats
  • Nier's weapon will be the main object that affects physical strength. This all relies on the weight of NieR's equipped weapon. The weight classes go from Very Light to Moderate to Heavy and Very Heavy. Lighter weapons would help increase NieR's speed and Physical Strength. Though a light weapon would help with physical strength, it would forgo his Knockback Resistance.
  • There are specific Words that can be equipped to weapons that will increase Physical Strength a percentage from 2-30%. The "Bes" prefix collection are all fitted to bind with Martial Arts to increase his physical strength. Up to two words can be equipped at a time and can be used more than once at a time repeatedly 








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