Magic Defense 


Magic Defense is damage NieR blocks from magic attacks during combat affected by a few factors: 

(NieR's Level/EXP) + (Equipped Weapon) + ( Words equipped +%? x2) + (Items for a temporary effect)

Magic Defense is a stat in NieR Replicant that determines NieR's defense against magic attacks. It is the amount of damage NieR is able to block or decrease from magic attacks dealt by Shades and other enemies. This is improved as the player progresses in the game, levels up and gains EXP. 


What can affect or increase NieR's Magic Defense?


 There are different factors that can stack and allow NieRs Magic Defense to increase. 

  • The basic Magic Defense changes according to  NieR's level and basic stats

  • The equipped weapon affects overall Magic Defense. Each weapon carries its own stats and strengths. When purchasing a new weapon, an information box will show if the new weapon is an increase or decrease of its Attack Power, Magic Power, and weight. 

  • Words can be bound to weapons and magic to increase overall damage and Magic Defense. The collection of "Kon" Words specifically aid in increasing magic defense. There are around 10 words with the "Kon" prefix ranging from a 2-30% increase. Some from this set can be bound to all three, martial arts, magic, and weapons, and the rest can only be used with martial arts.  Up to two words can be bound to an object at a time, and they are reusable. Words can be bound to multiple objects at a time as well. 

  • Some items that affect his stats will also be able to temporarily affect his Magic Defense. A Spirit drop halves damage from Shade magic attacks for 30 seconds. Drops will usually have a larger capsule equivalent, so a spirit capsule will do the same thing for 60 seconds.





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