Locations in NieR Replicant features the different areas that you can explore in the game. Players will have to guide the Protagonist through the Northern Plains and beyond to find a cure for his sister's illness. Discover countless secrets, visit numerous settlements, and ancient places in masterfully revived visuals. This page covers a list of all the locations, as well as relevant information such as encountered NPCs, Enemies, Bosses, related Quests, Secrets, and many more.


NieR Replicant Locations 




NieR's home town and the primary location of NieR Replicant

Lost Shrine


An isolated ancient structure that contains ancient relics 

Village Library


An abundant source of information, also the location of Popola's study




 Northern Plains


A vast open field teeming with wildlife, that leads to various other locations

Eastern Road


A small passage to other locations

Southern Plains


A smaller field, with roaming livestock that leads to other locations




The Aerie


A suspended village built between a canyon, somehow always overrun with Shades

Junk Heap


An old abandoned military base, with a highly functioning defense system 



A village that does a lot of importing and trading by the sea




Emil's Manor


A stagnant Manor believed to be possibly haunted. Emil and his Butler reside here.

Underground Laboratory


The secret underground facility found underneath Emil's Manor



The city of many rules built in the middle of the desert




Barren Temple


A guarded temple now overrun with Shades, but still bound by its many rules 



A barren land of sand populated by wolves and scorpions

King's Manor


The King's Manor where the King of Facade and his Advisor resides





Forest of Myth


A mystical forest with the divine tree at its center


Shadowlord's Castle


Home of the Shadowlord and many Shades 






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