Quests for NieR Replicant are the different tasks that follow the adventure of the Protagonist. Just like any ARPG, quests are usually divided into two categories which are Main Quests and Side Quests. Main Quests focuses on the plot of the game and it further advances the story until you are able to reach the end, Side Quests, on the other hand, are optional tasks that are usually tied to the supporting features of the game such as the lore and NPCs.

Completing a quest usually unlocks certain features, such as new locations, information to the lore of the game, but the highlight of it all is acquiring various rewards that can aid the player throughout their journey. This page covers a list of all the quests featured in NieR Replicant.


Nier Replicant Side Quests

Upon finding out about the Song of the Ancients from Devola and Popola,  NieR will receive a prompt to start some quests. 

Some Villages may ask you to perform jobs for them. To view any such requests, open the menu then choose the Quests tab


 NieR can then decide to take the time to do some side quests for rewards or continue to progress in the story. Most NieR quests begin in the Village or the Seafront, but a few quests take place elsewhere. 

Quest availability will be indicated with a "speech bubble" marker above an NPCs head. 


The Village Quests

Act I


Quest Rewards
Herbal Remedies 500 gold
The Gatekeeper's Errand 500 gold
The Lost Eggs Health Salve 
Old-fashioned Home Cooking 1,500 gold
Shopping List 500 gold
A Return to Shopping 2000 gold
tulip bulb
Bounty Fert
more garden space 
Book Smarts 500 gold
The Tavern Keeper's Grandmother 2000 gold
Boar Hunt 1,000 gold
Boar tusk 
Boar controls
Yonah's Home Cooking none
On the Wings of Eagles 2000 gold
Fragile Delivery 1250 gold
Fragile Delivery 2 1500 gold
The Ballad of the Twins none
A Dog Astray 1000 gold
Yonah's Gift none
Fragile Delivery 3 2900 gold
The Runaway Son none


 Act II


Quest Rewards
Thieves in Training 3000 gold
A Bridge in Peril 30000 gold
The Contract for a Contractor 30000 gold
The Creaky Waterwheel 10000 gold
The Faded Fountain 20000 gold
A Child's Final Chance 10000 gold
Discount from the Grocer
The Despicable Man 15000 gold
Search for the Shade 5000 gold
The Damaged Map Labyrinth's Shout
The Promised Gift (Red Bag Man after unlocking boats) 3000 gold



Seafront Quests


Act I


Quests Rewards 
The Fisherman's Gambit Fishing skill up
The Fisherman's Gambit, Part 2 Fishing skill up
The Fisherman's Gambit, Part 3 Fishing skill up
The Fisherman's Gambit, Part 4 Fishing skill up
The Fisherman's Gambit, Part 5 Fishing skill up
The New Merchant in Town 10000 gold
The Postman's Request 1000 gold
The Lighthouse Lady's Wrath 1000 gold
Closure none
The Belated Letter 3000 gold
A Signature Dish 5000 gold 
Bon Appetit! 5000 gold
The Pride of a Lover 30000 gold




Act II


Quest  Rewards
The Masterless Lighthouse 30000 gold
The Scattered Cargo 20000 gold 
Seafront item shop discount 
or 50000 gold
The Strange Fate of the Jewel 10000 gold
Learning a Trade 20000 gold
Master of the Southern Plains 30000 gold
The Fisherman's Gambit, Part 6 Fishing skill up
The Fisherman's Gambit, Part 7 Fishing skill up
The Fisherman's Gambit, Part 8 Fishing skill up
The Fisherman's Final Gambit Fishing skill up
Staying Afloat 20000 gold
Bon Appetit! 2 20000 gold
The Great Tree 20000 gold
A Memorable Knife 20000 gold
Freesia 10000 gold



Facade Quests

All Facade Quests can only be started after NieR's first trip to Facade in the main storyline. The quests will appear after returning from the Barren Temple with the King of Facade. 


Act I


Quest Rewards
The Littlest Hero 10000 gold
Apology from a Fool 20000 gold 
Item Unknown 3000 gold
The Missing Girl 10000 gold
The Tangled Message 10000 gold



Act II


Quest Rewards
Life in the Sands 10000 gold
The King's Mask 10000 gold
A Shade Entombed 30000 gold
A City Reborn 50000 gold
Disturbing the Sleep of Kings Labyrinth's Song
Nightmare and Dust 20000 gold
Shadow of the desert 30000 gold





Other Location Quests


Quest Location Client Reward
(Act II) A Tale of the Study Emil's Manor Sebastian the Butler 15000 gold
(Act II) Research Project Emil's Manor Sebastian the Butler none
(Act II) The Shade Army Junk Heap Gideon 30000 gold
(Act II) The Magical Stone Forest of Myth Fortune-teller 10000 gold











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