Two Brothers Weaponry

NPC Merchant
Shop Two Brothers Weaponry
Service Weapon Forging
Family Jakob (brother)
Stock Metal Raw Materials
Weapon Upgrades
Location Junk Heap

Gideon is one of the many Merchant NPCs in NieR Replicant. He runs Two Brothers Weaponry just outside the Junk Heap with his brother, Jakob. They collect Raw Materials and parts found at Junk Heap and sell them or use them for forging weapons


Forging Weapons: You can strengthen your weapons by bringing the required materials to Two Brothers Weaponry at the Junk Heap and paying a fee.


Gideon Information

Gideon and his brother, Jakob run the Two Brothers Weaponry outside the Junk Heap. When NieR first meets Gideon, he was just a little boy. Their father died when Gideon was very young, and their mother has been missing for a while, so Jakob takes care of the shop and his little brother. They make a living by collecting scrap metals and other materials to make weapons or upgrade existing weapons. 


Gideon Appearances

NieR first meets Gideon and Jakob in Two Brothers Weaponry right outside Junk Heap, when he goes to upgrade his weapon. Unfortunately, they didn't have the necessary materials for the upgrade so NieR helps them gather the materials himself. 

He finds out from Gideon that their mother has been missing for seven days since she entered the Junk Heap. The noble NieR, of course, volunteers to search for her. NieR discovers her body within the Junk Heap with the company of another male body. He has the option to let the brothers know what he discovered, or tell them he couldn't find her.


Gideon Act II

A much older Gideon now runs Two Brothers Weaponry on his own. He continues to make weapons like his brother, but he's driven by the thought of vengeance. When NieR visits them for the first time in Act II, it'll begin with a flashback. It shows the ill fate of Gideon's older brother, Jakob indirectly caused by Gideon's carelessness. Gideon blames the robots and will want NieR to avenge his brother. His only drive now is to make weapons to kill robots. 


Two Brothers Weaponry Stock

Item Use Cost
Silver Ore  Silver that was mined from the earth 1500 gold
Copper Ore  Copper that was mined from the earth 480 gold
Iron Ore  Iron that was mined from the earth 1000 gold
Dented Metal Board  A machine part 750 gold
Stripped Bolt  A machine part 900 gold
Broken Lens A machine part 1100 gold




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