Junk Heap is a location in NieR Replicant. It is an abandoned military base full of robots and metal material parts. Jakob and Gideon from Two Brothers Weaponry reside here. 



Junk Heap Location

The Junk Heap Map is obtained after speaking to Jakob from Two Brothers Weaponry.


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1/F, 2/F

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B1, B2 

Junk Heap is accessed from the Village through the northern gates and the Northern Plains. Climb the tall iron structure to get on the bridge, and this will lead to another metal gate.  

The track will lead to the elevator into Junk Heap,  and passes by Two Brothers Weaponry


Junk Heap Information


The Junk Heap is an old abandoned military base with still a still functioning system of power and defense. It seems that no one is able to explain how the place is still running and the technology of the old world was lost in time. Junk Heap goes down into different levels with different types of enemies in each section. The elevator codes are obtained from either Jakob or Gideon to access different levels.  The area is equipped with a highly functional defense system that consists of walls and floor turrets and different types of defense robots. Each enemy from different sections and levels would also drop different metal parts. The enemies vary from ground robots to flying robots. 

Since the area is old and dilapidated some rooms are sealed or cluttered with debris. The game provides a tutorial for these barriers called 'breakable fences' Sometimes the Junk Heap will spawn a sphere bomb from its rising platforms so that these doors can be cleared and passed through.

Mine Carts are also accessible and Interactable in Junk Heap to transport NieR around the different areas. 

Players can find the following NPCs:

Players can find the following Enemies/Bosses:

These Materials can be found in this area:


Junk Heap Quests & Major Events Walkthrough

During NieR's exploration around Junk Heap, he will encounter the Defense System, Gepetto after he triggers an intruder alert. Upon his defeat, He will also discover Gideon and Jakob's mother. 

In Act II, NieR returns in search of the Law of Robotics Key and is met by Gideon who gives him the weapon, Iron Will. However, the weapon is in need of an upgrade and NieR needs to retrieve the necessary materials for the upgrade before it can be of any value. NieR must return for the upgraded weapon, but Gideon asks him to enter the Junk Heap with him in order to avenge his late brother. It is then that he encounters the Boss duo, P-33 and Kalil. When they are defeated, he receives the Law of Robotics Key.

 NieR will also return for a Quest for Gideon when the Junk Heap becomes infested with Shades. NieR will be tasked to clear them


Junk Heap Notes & Trivia

  • Boss of the Junk Heap is an Achievement that can be completed in Junk Heap - Defeat P-33 within 270 seconds.


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