The Village is the primary Location of NieR Replicant.  It is where NieR and Yonah reside, and it is the location where most of the main storyline and quests return to. 


Village Information  

Aside from being the location Yonah and NieR's home, the Village can be divided into a few landmarks and districts. The first spot NieR will probably encounter is the main fountain that will lead to the Shopping District or uphill towards the , where Popola will usually be. 

Some notable landmarks for quests are the Northern, Southern, and Eastern gates which lead to their respective plains or roads. Guards are usually posted there and may have some quests to offer NieR. 

There is also the waterwheel to take note of and the bodies of water, for catching different freshwater fish. 

A few features within the village: 

The main district that will be the start of the majority of the Village Quests is the Shopping district, which is the section of buildings that are lined with the Village Merchants

Players can find the following NPCs:

Players can find the following Merchants:


Village Quests & Major Events Walkthrough

The village is the primary hub for the main story quests and side quests as well. At any time, usually, Popola can be approached for more information regarding the next objective or location to head to. 

Act I Side Quests

Quest Client Rewards
Herbal Remedies Popola 500 gold
The Gatekeeper's Errand Village Guard 500 gold
The Lost Eggs Village Item Shopkeeper Health Salve
Old-fashioned Home Cooking Villager 1,500 gold
Shopping List Village Florist 500 gold
A Return to Shopping Village Florist 2000 gold
tulip bulb
Bounty Fert
more garden space
Book Smarts Villager in the Library 500 gold
The Tavern Keeper's Grandmother Village Tavern Keeper 2000 gold
Boar Hunt Villager 1,000 gold
Boar tusk
Boar controls
Yonah's Home Cooking Yonah none
On the Wings of Eagles Village Tavern Keeper 2000 gold
Fragile Delivery Villager  1250 gold
Fragile Delivery 2 Villager  1500 gold
The Ballad of the Twins Villager in the Taverm none
A Dog Astray Old man Villager 1000 gold
Yonah's Gift Yonah none
Fragile Delivery 3 Guard 2900 gold
The Runaway Son Villager none



Act II

Quests Clients Rewards
Thieves in Training Village Item Shopkeeper 3000 gold
A Bridge in Peril Guard 30000 gold
The Contract for a Contractor Villager 30000 gold
The Creaky Waterwheel Villager with her Dog 10000 gold
The Faded Fountain Village Guard 20000 gold
A Child's Final Chance Village Grocer 10000 gold
Discount from the Grocer
The Despicable Man Villager 15000 gold
Search for the Shade Guard 5000 gold
The Damaged Map Village Blacksmith Labyrinth's Shout


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