Grimoire Weiss

Character Type Companion
Nicknames Weissy - Yonah
Floating Magazine - Fisherman
Birthday 2014 (human)
2033 (Grimoire)
Died 3470
Sex Male 
Voice Shinnosuke Ikehata
Liam O' Brian
See also: And Then There Were None

The Grimoire Weiss is a companion in NieR Replicant. Grimoire Weiss, or the White Book, is an ancient tome that accompanies the Protagonist throughout his journey. Grimoire Weiss has the capability to learn Sealed Verses that unleashes magical abilities. As sung in an ancient song, it mentions that acquiring all Sealed Verses can be used to destroy the source of the Black Scrawl and help cure Yonah


A tome that has slumbered for ages and can miraculously speak the human language. He seems to know everything there is to know about this world, but he has a silly side, which makes his gruff, often condescending persona more tolerable. It seems he has lost part of his memory, so his true identity is unknown.


Lore & Information

Though he appears as just as just a book, he seems to have a consciousness of his own. His introduction to the game shows off his witty, sarcastic and clever personality as he boasts his wisdom and power with his incessant remarks early on. He claims that his very name brings kingdoms to their knees. It does ring true, since his Sealed Verses each hold great powerful magic.

When we are first introduced to Grimoire Weiss, he was found sealed and guarded in the Lost Shrine. He was then released from the chambers by Nier when he was offered his assistance while Nier was fighting off the Shades in the Chamber. He would later become Nier's companion, also known as the white book that levitates by Nier's side and aids with his battles.

However, despite his inanimate appearance, he was once a young man part of the Hamelin Organization, and he took part in extensive military training. All the Grimoires had started out as children according to the novella from Grimoire NieR called "And Then There Were None." He and many children around the world were used for experiments to give them special abilities. Each child had a book they could not seem to open until one book had opened up on its own. A bright light and giant hand came up and took the boy in its pages.

They were informed through some mysterious voices that they were given these books as tool to battle each other to the death, and only two were to survive. When the last three remaining were left, their books opened up and started to glow as well. They realized they were to survive, but not be set free.  The writer had witnessed another child get sucked in by his book,  this time embedded with a resemblance of his face on the book cover. The last two surviving children were believed to become Grimoire Rubrum, Grimoire Noir and Grimoire Weiss. 


Grimoire Weiss Sealed Verses

They went hunting for eight Sealed Verses


Grimoire Weiss Combat and Controls

To strike using one of Grimoire Weiss' Sealed Verses, on the Playstation, press L1 

The Sealed Verses are each a different kind of powerful magic attack. Their level of magic varies and is parallel to the amount of damage they deal and the amount of MP it drains from your blue MP meter. This can be replenished by slashing the magic orbs that opponents deal.

The Sealed Verses deal a variety of attacks that shows in bright red pulses, spears, magic energy-filled hand, a doppelganger shadow, rotating blades, and giant red magic energy balls.  For a more in-depth look at each Sealed Verse and what they do, take a look at the Sealed Verses page. 

Grimoire Weiss Notes & Tips

  • For a read on Grimoire Weiss' backstory of when he was a child, take a look at his novella from Grimoire Nier called "And Then There Were None"  


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