DLC for Nier Replicant refers to additional downloadable content that was not available during initial purchase of the original game. DLC can be pre-order bonuses, Collector's Edition bonuses, free additional packs, paid packs and expansions, rewards, extra gameplay. All information regarding DLC will be listed here when known.


NieR Replicant DLC


Pre-Order Bonuses



Pre-order NieR Replicant for any platform to receive a digital Mini Soundtrack featuring three in-game songs. 

Available for Pre-Order Now

Official release date: April 23rd, 2021 

Other digital bonuses are available for each platform as well: 

  • Playstation: Dynamic Theme and Avatar Set
  • PC (Steam): Wallpaper Collection
  • Avatar Set 

Game Editions


White Snow Edition

Launching April 22, 2021 in Japan, and April 23, in North America 

(Square Enix Store Exclusive)


This includes:

  • NieR Replicant STANDARD EDITION physical game (packed separately)
  • Grimoire Pin Set - Grimoire Weiss, Grimoire Noir, and Grimoire Rubrum are recreated as a set of pins,
  • Script Set – A set of seven books encompassing the spoken script of the game. 
  • Original Soundtrack – A two-disc collection featuring newly-recorded and arranged music for NieR Replicant presented in a premium Grimoire Weiss-inspired package. With cover art by character designer, Akihiko Yoshida
  • Steelbook® Case – A metal case featuring stunning artwork by illustrator Kazuma Koda.
  • Lunar Tear Collector’s Box.

Standard Edition

  • NieR Replicant STANDARD EDITION physical game




Paid DLC



Purchasing the World of Recycled Vessel will give you around an hour of extra fighting gameplay on the DLC.  You will be facing a new species of Shades to new mixed track of the game. You will also gain three mission packs, 10000 experience points, and be rewarded with two costume changes and three new weapons, 50,000 gold in your original game.

"This is the world of the recycled vessel, created to avoid destruction of all" 

The World of Recycled Vessel is currently the only available DLC for NieR Replicant as well as NieR Gestalt. It is sometimes listed as 15 Nightmares.  It was released on Xbox Live Market place and Playstation Network on April 27, 2010 and is currently available for purchase for $6.99. 

Rewards: Cosmetics, Weapons: Fool's Embrace, Fool's Lament, Fool's Accord



DLC Gameplay

The World of Recycled Vessel does not have a storyline on it's own, but it briefly will mention his wife or mother's diary prior to her death to Grimoire Weiss before bringing NieR to a series of a total of 14 environments or maps to fight the Shades, and you will be playing as younger or older Nier depending on the version of the game you were playing. The bosses in the original game will not make an appearance here, but there are some boss fights that will appear as some of the bigger Shades with armour. 

The game is divided into three doors. If you die before reaching the next door, you will have to start from that same door again. There are multiple areas per section, and once that is complete it will transport you to the next door to progress. Once you unlock a door, it will remain accessible. 

There are no cutscenes or dialogue except during the introduction and ending.


After completing the first two doors, you will unlock new costumes for you to use in the original game. All three characters, NieR, Kaine and Emil will be able to use them except during cinematic cutscenes. 

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