Weapons in NieR Replicant are a type of equipment equipped by the Protagonist to engage in Combat. Nier Replicant Weapons Guide for How to get All Weapons in the Game. Some Weapons are found by progressing in the story, completing Quests, killing Enemies, and purchasing from Merchants. This page includes a list of all the Weapons in with their specific descriptions, values, and stats. Each individual weapon has Upgrade Requirements and you must upgrade all weapons to unlock a trophy.

The three classes of Weapons in Nier Replicant are:


Nier Replicant Weapons Guide: How to get and Upgrade all Weapons


Selecting the right tool

In Nier Replicant , Enemies and Weapons are diverse, and is there is no "one size fits all" solution. Different Enemies are vulnerable to different classes of Weapons, Sealed Verses, and Status Effects.

Weapons come in three classes: one-handed swords, two-handed swords, and spears. Different classes of Weapons come in varying ratios of stats, respectively 

  • Attack : The base damage of the Weapon's basic attacks
  • Magic power: The percentage of damage increased when using Sealed Verses while wielding the Weapon
  • Weight: Directly dictates the speed of the Protagonist's attacks when using the Weapon

Each of the above attribute vary in effectiveness against different Enemies, which play an even more important role when fighting Bosses.

For the first part of the game, the Protagonist will only have access to One-handed Swords. As the story progresses into part 2, Two-handed Swords and Spears will be introduced. Therefore, the choice of Weapons are also limited by the availability corresponding to the story's timeline.

Combos and Auras

Auto-attacking enemies in melee by equipping Weapons is seemingly the most basic form of Combat in Nier... . However, unbeknownst to many players, weapons can also perform combos - special attacks produced by specific sequences of controls. Although the controls for combos are the same across different classes of weapons, their special attacks produce varying effects.

The main combos include (but are not limited to): ground special attack, airborne/jump attack, dodge attack, counter attack (guard), and charge attack.

In the original NieR Replicant for PS3 another attribute regarding weapons is their aura - their element when performing the charge attack. Each weapon can belong to one of five auras: Fire, Lightning, Holy, Darkness, and Earth. While all spears produce lightning auras, individual One-handed Swords and Two-handed Swords belong to different auras. This is removed in Replicant ver1.22.



One-handed Swords - Nier Replicant


Weapon Location



Nameless Blade

 Default starting weapon, acquired after completing the prologue. 



Lily Leaf Sword

Purchased in the Village's Blacksmith store. Costs 2400 gold. 



Nirvana Dagger

Found in a box in the Lost Shrine, near the staircase. 




 Acquired from a guard in the Southern plains after saving him




 Gifted by the Prince of Facade after the Barren Temple. 



Earth Wyrm's Claw

Purchased in Facade from the Blacksmith store. Costs 8400 gold. 



Blade of Treachery

Found in a box in  the Haunted Manor, prior to boss fight. 




 Purchased in the Village from the Blacksmith store. Costs 16800 gold.  




Gifted by the mayor of the Forest of Myth for freeing him along with two other residents from Deathdream. Can also be purchased in the Aerie in part 2. 



Ancient Overlord

 Gifted by the King of Facade. 



Phoenix Dagger

Purchased in Seafront from the Blacksmith store. Costs 31200 gold. 



Labyrinth's Whisper

Rewarded by a guard for completing the quest Bridge in Peril. 



Iron Pipe

 Rewarded for finishing the quest A Magical Stone. Can also be acquired by finishing the game through ending B. 


Fool's Embrace (DLC)

Rewarded for completing the fourth level of  the DLC's first floor.



Two-handed Swords - Nier Replicant


Weapon Location



Automatically given to you at the Village in the beginning of Act 2.


Axe of Beheading

Purchased in the Village form the Blacksmith store. Costs 19,200 gold.


Fang of the Twins

Found in the Haunted Manor's Laboratory in level one, inside of a box.


Vile Axe

Purchased at Seafront from the Blacksmith store. Costs 21,600 gold.



Found in the Lost Shrine when revisiting it before the boss fight.


Iron Will

Gifted by Gideon at the two brothers weaponry (Act 2).


Phoenix Sword

Found in a box in the Shadow Lord's castle, in the room where birds gave you the riddle.


Labyrinth's Song

Rewarded for completing the quest Disturbing the sleep of Kings.


Fool's Lament (DLC)

Rewarded for beating the third level of the DLC' second door.





Weapon Location



Automatically given to you at the Village in the beginning of Act 2.


Spear of the Usurper

Purchased at Seafront from the Blacksmith store. Costs 21,600 gold.


The Devil Queen

 Found in a box when revisiting the Lost Shrine.



Purchased at the Aerie (when revisiting) from the Blacksmith store. Costs 21,600 gold.



 Found in a box in the Junk Heap when revisiting it before the boss fight.


Captain's Holy Spear

Purchased in the Facade (when revisiting) from the Blacksmith store. Costs 30,000 gold.


Dragoon Lance

Found in a box in the Shadow Lord's castle, in a box prior to reaching the spiral staircase.


Phoenix Spear

 Purchased in the Facade (when revisiting) from the Blacksmith store. Costs 32,400 gold. 


Labyrinth's Shout

 Rewarded for completing the quest The Damaged Map.


Fool's Accord (DLC)

 Rewarded for compting the fourth level of the DLC's third door.



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    • Anonymous

      I can't remember that the "Fool's" Weapons are DLC only. you can enter the World of Recycled Wessel after a few endings. Its the diary which is in the protagonists Home (maybe it was an DLC part in the original but not im remaster).

      And the strongest weapon is missing which you can geht after you achieved Ending E.

      • Anonymous

        These are all the materials you need to upgrade every weapon to lv max
        Iron Ore x311
        Dented Metal Bat x21
        Broken Arm x49
        Rusty Bucket x10
        Rusted Clump x13
        Titanium Alloy x26
        Stripped Bolt x10
        Simple Machine x6
        Broken Antenna x37
        Large Gear x7
        Forlorm Necklace x2
        Pyrite x13
        Rusty Kitchen Knife x11
        Gold Ore x25
        Mysterious Switch x9
        Broken Lens x5
        Broken Saw x5
        Twisted Ring x5
        Broken Battery x9
        Broken Wristwatch x11
        Amber x11
        Scorpion Claw x10
        Clay x18
        Broken Pottery x2
        Broken Amber x1
        Copper Ore x88
        Machine Oil x5
        Complex Machine x8
        Crystal x14
        Silver Ore x124
        Elaborate Machine x5
        Natural Rubber x1
        Moldavite x12
        Broken Mirror x10
        Memory Alloy x12
        Fluorite x12
        Giant Egg x6
        Eagle Egg x4
        Broken Earring x5
        Black Pearl x15
        Damascus Steel x9
        Goat Hide x3
        Dented Metal Board x6
        Severed Cable x10
        Forlom Necklace x2
        Subdued Bracelet x3
        Stopped Clock x3
        Meteorite x5
        Metal Piercing x4
        Broken Motor x1
        Pearl x1

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