Fang of the Twins

Class Two-handed Swords
Attack 312 - 686
Magic Power 20% - 50%
Weight Light - Heavy
Location Emil's Manor
Aura Holy

Fang of the Twins is a Two-handed Sword in Nier Replicant and NieR Replicant ver.1.2247



 A giant, accursed axe that was bathed in the blood of young twins before being presented to the gods themselves.


Fang of the Twins Location

Fang of the Twins is found in Emil's Manor's Laboratory in level one, inside of a box.


Fang of the Twins Upgrades

Weapons can be upgraded by handing in the required materials and paying a fixed price at the Two Brothers Weaponry outside the Junk Heap. Upgrading Fang of the Twins will give the following boosts to the weapon:

Level: Attack: Magic Power: Weight: Materials Required:
1 312 20% Light N/A
2 358 30% Moderate Silver Ore x3, Elaborate Machine x1
3 595 40% Heavy Silver Ore x5, Broken Wristwatch x2
Stopped Clock x1
4 686 50% Heavy Copper Ore x18, Stopped Clock x2, Meteorite x1


Fang of the Twins Notes & Trivia

  • Fang of the Twins appeared in the game Drakengard under the name Twin Fangs
  • Fang of the Twins appeared in Nier: Automata.


Fang of the Twins Gallery


Lvl 1


Lvl 2


Lvl 3


Lvl 4



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