Phoenix Spear

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Class Spears
Attack 490 - 721
Magic Power 50% - 80%
Weight Moderate
Location Facade
Aura Lightning

Phoenix Spear is a Spear in Nier Replicant and NieR Replicant ver.1.2247. Phoenix Spear is the Spear of the Phoenix's Weapon  set.


 Forged by monks from feathers of the legendary firebird, this spear was designed as a tool of self-defense.


Phoenix Spear Location

Phoenix Spear can be purchased in the Facade (when revisiting) from the Blacksmith store. It costs 37,400 gold.


Phoenix Spear Upgrades

Weapons can be upgraded by handing in the required materials and paying a fixed price at the Two Brothers Weaponry outside the Junk Heap. Upgrading Phoenix Spear will give the following boosts to the weapon:

Level: Attack: Magic Power: Weight: Materials Required:
1  490 50% Moderate N/A
2 576 60% Moderate Gold Ore x1, Giant Egg x2
3 679 70% Moderate Gold Ore x2, Eagle Egg x1
Broken Wristwatch x1
4 721 80% Moderate Gold Ore x3, Black Pearl x5, Moldavite x1


Phoenix Spear Notes & Trivia


Phoenix Spear Gallery




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