Class Two-handed Swords
Attack 295 - 659
Magic Power 20% - 40%
Weight Light
Location Village
Aura Earth

Kusanagi is a Two-handed Sword in Nier Replicant and NieR Replicant ver.1.2247. It is the first and default Two-handed Sword in the Protagonist's possession in the second part of the story after the five year time skip.


 A man whose fiancé was spirited away by an eight-headed beast used this sword to smite his foe.


Kusanagi Location

Kusanagi is automatically in the Protagonist's possession when he finds himself in the Village once again when the second part of the story begins.


Kusanagi Upgrades

Weapons can be upgraded by handing in the required materials and paying a fixed price at the Two Brothers Weaponry outside the Junk Heap. Upgrading Kusanagi will give the following boosts to the weapon:

Level: Attack: Magic Power: Weight: Materials Required:
1  295 20% Light N/A
2 339 30% Light Iron Ore x10
3 571 30% Light Iron Ore x 18
Broken Battery x 4
Forlorn Necklace x1
4 659 40% Light Iron Ore x 20
Broken Earring x1
Moldavite x1


Kusanagi Notes & Trivia

  • The word Kusanagi is a part of the Japanese Imperial Regalia's name, which is the Kusanagi no Tsurugi in full.


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