Two Brothers Weaponry

Merchants Jakob
Service Weapon Forging
Stock Metal Materials
Weapon Upgrades
Location Junk Heap

Two Brothers Weaponry is one of the many Merchant Shops in NieR Replicant. It is run by Jakob and Gideon just outside the Junk Heap. They collect parts found at Junk Heap and sell them or use them for forging weapons


Forging Weapons: You can strengthen your weapons by bringing the required materials to Two Brothers Weaponry at the Junk Heap and paying a fee.

Two Brothers Weaponry Information

Two Brothers Weaponry is a family business run by the brothers, Gideon and Jakob. Their mother used to help them gather materials from the depths of the Junk Heap to collect rare metal parts for building and forging weapons, but one day she did not return. After her disappearance, Jakob took over the shop and took the role of Gideon's guardian.

In Act II, Gideon takes over the shop due to some unforeseen circumstances that happened in the Junk Heap to his brother. Gideon finds a new purpose in life in forging weapons and creating new weapons to destroy all the robots, who he believed were at fault for his brother's demise. 


Two Brothers Weaponry Closure

 In Act II, Two Brothers Weaponry will be temporarily unavailable until NieR progresses in the storyline and Popola makes a suggestion to visit Junk Heap in search of the missing Key Fragments


Two Brothers Weaponry Stock

Item Use Cost
Silver Ore  Silver that was mined from the earth 1500 gold
Copper Ore  Copper that was mined from the earth 480 gold
Iron Ore  Iron that was mined from the earth 1000 gold
Dented Metal Board  A machine part 750 gold
Stripped Bolt  A machine part 900 gold
Broken Lens A machine part 1100 gold



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