Forlorn Necklace

Type Raw Materials
Rarity Rare
Price Bought  -
Price Sold  200 gold
Location Lost Shrine, Northern Plains

Forlorn Necklace is one of the Raw Materials in Nier Replicant  and NieR Replicant ver.1.2247.


A machine part.


Forlorn Necklace Acquisition

  • Very rare drop from armored caster Shades at the very top of the Lost Shrine,
  • Very rare drop from "shaman" magic-casting Shades in the Northern Plains in the second part of the game
  • Very rare drop from "shaman" shades magic-casting in the Barren Temple during a quest

How to farm Forlorn Necklace

The best spot to farm these items is at the top of the Lost Shrine in Act II. You will want to go all the way to the roof and create a small loop where you kill the armored mask-wearing caster shade by a blue block, then kill the armored mask-wearing caster shade that spawns at a dead end on the level above. You will then jump down the 2 ladders to the save point, go through the door, and come out. The shades have reset. Take the second ladder on the right (when facing away from the door) to return to the blue block and restart the loop. There is technically a third "shaman" shade on the other side of the shrine however it is faster to ignore this one and just focus on the two mentioned above then reset with the door.

Expect to farm for about one hour with 30% drop rate Words to obtain enough Forlorn Necklace and Broken Earrings to complete your upgrades.


Forlorn Necklace Notes & Trivia

  • If farming Forlorn Necklace on hard mode within the lost shrine, due to the ladders and different height elevations, you can almost completely ignore the sword wielding shades and focus entirely on the shamans to drastically speed up the process.



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    • Anonymous

      Same poster as yesterday. It seems the ones in Northern Plains has reduced drop rate or something; after farming the armored ones at the top of Lost Shrine for 3 hours, I got the 4 I needed. Played on normal, no 30% item drop rate equipped as that only makes it so yellow-tiers drop more frequently. Forlorn necklaces are green.

      • Anonymous

        What's written above is off for sure. I've been running around killing 5 shamans per run in Northern Plains for 6 hours, and haven't gotten a single one.

        • Anonymous

          3 hours in and no drops yet, not sure if I'm just unlucky or if the above mentioned estimated drop rate may be a bit off.

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