Sealed Verses in NieR Replicant are the magical abilities conjured by the Protagonist's companion, Grimoire Weiss. Sealed Verses are basically spells that can be used against Enemies and Bosses, these can be acquired through the course of the story and by defeating specific bosses of the game. As sung in the Song of the Ancients, it mentions that acquiring all Sealed Verses can be used to destroy the source of the Black Scrawl. This page covers a list of all the Sealed Verses in NieR Replicant.



How do you obtain Sealed Verses?

You can begin to obtain Sealed Verses once you progress in the game and are introduced to Grimoire Weiss in the Lost Shrine. You will then obtain your first Sealed Verse during Combat. The rest of the Sealed Verses are attained as the storyline progresses, usually during or after completing a boss Fight Sequence. They will be found in your menu under "Magic/Abilties." You will be able to swap them into your controls, two at a time. More can be bound to different keys if forgoing another martial art ability.


How do you upgrade a Sealed Verse?

They are usually leveled up as your main character,  NieR, levels up in game. You will then be able to charge up the attack to create larger and more damaging effects. 


On the Playstation, L1 / L1 are used to cast your Sealed Verses. Each one drains a varying level of MP shown on the blue meter below the HP meter.  Typically. you would have only two Sealed Verses equipped at a time to alternate during battle. Up to four can be equipped if you are willing to forgo other action controls like your evade roll or block. The MP meter restores itself gradually over time, but can be accelerated when hitting magic projectiles with melee attacks.




Nier Replicant Sealed Verses



Dark Blast

The first type of Sealed Verse NieR will obtain. It shoots out an array of small bursts of magic 



Dark Lance

A magic power that can be aimed directly at enemies and sends out a large devastating magic spear




Dark Hand

Sends out a giant magic hand from the Grimoire that crushes enemies in its path, and can be charged to pack a more powerful punch



Dark Phantasm

Creates a large blast of energy sending out a doppelganger NieR, striking enemies within a radial range



Dark Gluttony

The ability to absorb surrounding energy and projectile red orbs to manifest it into a larger energy ball and project it in one direction.




Dark Wall

A defense power that creates a large circular barrier wall. It blocks out projectiles and can be charged to completely wrap around NieR



Dark Execution

Summons out a streak of spears from the ground in a linear direction that pierces opponents. The effect can be multiplied to create more spears



Dark Whirlwind

A fan-like power that sends out damaging blades orbiting around NieR for continuous and repetitive damage that will wear out opponents





When the great black book, Grimoire Noir, plunges the world into chaos...
The white book, Grimoire Weiss, will appear with his Sealed Verses.
He will then vanquish Grimoire Noir and restore harmony to the world.
...Or so the legend goes 

-Popola, speaking about the Song of the Ancients 


 Scroll from the Song of the Ancients

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