Status Effects are the special perks, ailments, or buffs in NieR Replicant that are found in Words, which are spell or sigil bindings that are added to either Weapons, Sealed Verse Magic, or Martial Arts In NieR Replicant

Words are also specific buffs to objects in the game, but in addition to the basic set of 12 abilities that affect NieR's stats, there are also a set of Status Effects found in some of the rare and high-level words. 

Up to two words can be equipped onto each object at a time, but they are endlessly reusable for multiple weapons at a time. 

Only one status effect affects NieR, which is Poison. Some Shades attack with poison which can be countered with an item called Antidotal Weed.


How are Status Effects used? 

  • Status effects are fixed into certain words that first have to be found 
  • The Word must then be bound to either a weapon, magic, or martial art
  • The effect is immediately implemented during combat only when using the selected weapon, magic, or martial art 
  • Even if a status effect is equipped, they only have a chance of occurring during combat
  • The word, Hoduloth, is word that when stacked with another word with a Status Effect, gives the Effect a level 9 power
    (for example: Hoduloth + Ashures bound to any weapon/magic/martial art, will give the poison a level 9 effect)  

Status Effects 



When affected by poison, HP continues to decrease until an antidote is applied

Words with "Poison:" Ashures, Kon, Solir


Distracts opponent Shades from NieR, temporarily pauses magic attacks

Words with " Confuse": Ashurir, Kones, Sol


Temporarily weakens damaging capabilities

Words with "Weaken": Ashurka, Konka, Solka 



Temporarily paralyzes a Shade in place

Words with "Paralyze": Ashur, Konir, Soles

MP Drain

Decreases Shade MP meters, lessening the frequency of their magic abilities

Words with "MP Drain": Ashurza, Konza, Solza

HP Drain

Decreases HP and makes opponents and Shades easier to defeat

Words with "HP Drain": Ashurira, Konira, Solira



Word Status Effect  Stat Effect Bindings
Hoduloth lvl 9 applied to 
all status effects 
Knockback Resistance +30% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Ashur Paralyze Physical Defence +2%  Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Ashurir Confuse Physical Defence +4% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts 
Ashures Poison Physical Defence +6%   Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts 
Ashurka Weaken Physical Defence +8%   Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Ashurza MP Drain Physical Defence +10%  Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts 
Ashurira HP Drain Physical Defence + 2%  Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts 
Kon Poison Magic Defense +2% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Konir Paralyze Magic Defense +4% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Kones Confuse Magic Defense +6% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Konka Weaken Magic Defense +8% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Konza MP Drain Magic Defense +10% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Konira HP Drain Magic Defense +12% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Sol Confuse MP Recovery +2% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Solir Poison MP Recovery +4% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Soles Paralyze MP Recovery +6% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Solka Weaken MP Recovery +8% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Solza MP Drain MP Recovery +10% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Solira HP Drain MP Recovery +12% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts



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