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Fishing is a mini-game feature in NieR Replicant. It allows the player to capture fish, expand the Fishmonger's inventory, sell fish and improve NieR's Fish skill level.

This page covers a list of the various items you can obtain through this mechanic, tutorial, and guides on how to properly utilize this feature, and fishing spots or locations in the game.


When "Fish" is displayed on the screen, press (B)-Xbox (Square)-Playstation, to choose your bait and begin fishing. When your rod bends, press (A) to reel in the fish, then press (L) in the direction opposite the way the fish is going to reduce its HP. When the fish's HP reaches zero, you will automatically land it.  

-Fishing Tutorial


Fishing is a necessary skill in a number of Side Quests with the Fisherman in Seafront. You may also find some unique items while fishing. Some of these unique items can be used for weapon upgrades. Other than the Side Quests, fishing is only needed once in the main story when NieR needs to retrieve a Shaman Fish for Yonah for medicinal purposes, and for the rest of the game is only used to catch rare fish to sell them for gold and earn Achievements.


Fishing is required to achieve two of the Achievements or Trophies in NieR Replicant:

  • Fish of Legend - Catch the Rhizodont
  • A Round by the Pond - Catch one of every type of fish


How to Fish in NieR Replicant

Despite the available in-game tutorial, players have complained of unclear instructions.

  • Rather than pressing the action button to reel in the fish, move in the opposite direction, or pull back in the opposite direction as the rod bends to trigger the HP bar and reel in a fish. 
  • Make sure the rod is significantly bent and not just lightly tugged on. Observe the tip of the pole
  • NieR's character will usually already be leaning in the direction you need to pull.  It might help to observe his movements instead of the pole if the direction of the pole tug is unclear
  • Continue moving the thumbstick in the opposite direction until the HP bar is depleted


Helpful Fishing Tips

  • Purchase the appropriate bait from the Tackle Shopkeeper or catch them yourself
  • Make sure you are in the correct fishing location for the intended fish you are catching 
  • Be aware of the tug patterns, as they are unique to each fish


Useful Junk Items Caught by Fishing

Fishing will sometimes reap random junk rather than fish. Some of this junk can be used for various weapon upgrades at Two Brothers Weaponry

Fishing Quests

The fishing Quests are usually provided by the Fisherman at the Seafront Pier. It is a series of quests where he will make a request for a fish in exchange for some fishing secrets (fishing skill improvement) 


Fish Tackle

Fish Tackle available at the Tackle Shopkeeper's inventory

  • Lure - Use it at the right spot to fish
  • Lugworm - Bait loved by saltwater fish
  • Earthworm - Bait loved by freshwater fish
  • Sardine -  Common saltwater fish that can be used as bait
  • Carp - A popular freshwater fish that can also be used as bait.


Fishing Item Merchants 




Fish Guide


Fish Bait Location Sell Price
Shaman Fish Lure Seafront, in the hidden beach (near the lighthouse entrance or follow the red X) 60 gold
(Lvl 1) Sardine Lugworm Seafront Beach 125 gold
(Lvl 1) Blowfish Lugworm Seafront Pier 175 gold
Rainbow Trout Lure Northern Plains, at the dock past the bridge 600 gold
Bream Lure Seafront Pier 750 gold
Black Bass Lure Village Waterwheel 1500 gold
Sandfish Lure Desert, near fast travel boat 2500 gold
Dunkleosteus Lure, Sardine Seafront Pier 12500 gold
Giant Catfish LureCarp Eastern RoadVillage Pond 2250 gold
Carp Earthworm Village Waterwheel 100 gold
Royal Fish Earthworm Eastern Road Pond 4000 gold
Blue Marlin Lure, Sardine Seafront Pier 1950 gold
Rhizodont Sardine Desert, near fast-travel boat 15000 gold
Shark Sardine Seafront Pier 1250 gold
Hyneria Sardine Desert, near fast-travel boat 6000 gold


 Other items that can be caught by Fishing 



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      Just got a rust bucket with a lugworm, so either it is a really low drop or this page needs to be updated.

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        I have hasd 100 lugworm and 12 sardines, 10 carp, 20 earthworm at northernplains and not a single clamp, no upgrade for me in this game

        • Anonymous

          Hold down on the analog. slowly move it opposite the fish's movement without ever letting go of down. eg, if the fish swims left, slowly move your stick to the bottom right corner. if you use rumble, you're trying to get that sweet spot where your controller rumbles the fiercest. if the fish is moving quickly, speed up your movements appropriately.

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