Blade of Treachery

Class One-handed Swords
Attack 139 - 255
Magic Power 20% - 50%
Weight Heavy
Location Emil's Manor
Aura Darkness

Blade of Treachery is a One-handed Sword in Nier Replicant and NieR Replicant ver.1.2247


When a man who has lost his way wields this sword, the blade becomes blunt as wood.


Blade of Treachery Location

Blade of Treachery is acquired in a box in the Emil's Manor, prior to boss fight.


Blade of Treachery Upgrades

Weapons can be upgraded by handing in the required materials and paying a fixed price at the Two Brothers Weaponry outside the Junk Heap. Upgrading Blade of Treachery will give the following boosts to the weapon:

Level: Attack: Magic Power: Weight: Materials Required:
1  139 20% Heavy N/A
2 179 30% Heavy Copper Ore x10, Simple Machine x1
3 231 40% Heavy Copper Ore x15, Machine Oil x2,
Rusted Clump
4 255 50% Heavy Copper Ore x20,
Rusted Clump x1, Pyrite x1


Blade of Treachery Notes & Trivia

  • Blade of Treachery also appeared in the game called Drakengard under the name Skald's Song.


Blade of Treachery Gallery


Lvl 1


Lvl 2


Lvl 3


Lvl 4


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