Class One-handed Swords
Attack 147 - 266
Magic Power 20% -50%
Weight Very light - Moderate
Location Forest of Myth
Aura Fire

Faith is a One-handed Sword in Nier Replicant and NieR Replicant ver.1.2247


 A sword carried by the world's most loyal servant. Like that loyalty, the sword's blade is straight and true.


Faith Location

Faith is gifted by the mayor of the Forest of Myth  for freeing him along with two other residents from Deathdream. Can also be purchased in the Aerie from the blacksmith store in the second part of the story.


Faith Upgrades

Weapons can be upgraded by handing in the required materials and paying a fixed price at the Two Brothers Weaponry outside the Junk Heap. Upgrading Faith will give the following boosts to the weapon:

Level: Attack: Magic Power: Weight: Materials Required:
1  147 20% Very light N/A
2 189 30% Light Silver Ore x3, Broken Antenna x30
3 240 40% Light Silver Ore x5, Elaborate Machine x1, Natural Rubber x1
4 266 50% Moderate Silver Ore x4, Moldavite x1, Titanium Alloy x 4


Faith Notes & Trivia

  • Faith appeared in the game Drakengard under the name Nobuyoshi.
  • Faith appeared in the game Nier: Automata.


Faith Gallery


Lvl 1


Lvl 2


Lvl 3

faith-lvl4-weapons-nier-replicant-wiki-guide-250Lvl 4




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