The Damaged Map

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Type Act II Side Quest
Client Village Blacksmith
Location The Village
Reward  Labyrinth's Shout

The Damaged Map is one of the Side Quests in NieR Replicant. Side quests are optional tasks or quests usually requested by NPCs that players can choose to complete in order to obtain rewards. Some quests rewards are required for certain endings. 


The blacksmith has asked you to find a treasure map. Where would you look for such a thing...?

The map is heavily damaged. Perhaps Facade's strange-thing store would be able to restore it.

Gather three drops of machine oil, three eggplants, and three goat hides to repair the map.

The man's wife asked you to search for the treasure in place of her husband. Bring the map to Popola to have her decipher it for you.

According to the map, the treasure is inside the Lost Shrine, in a place where sunlight does not reach.

You found the treasure, but it turned out to be worthless. Report back to the client's wife.

You gave the client the gold you got in exchange for the hair ornament.

The client gave you a treasure map. It might be worthless, but perhaps a trip to Popola's is in order to see if she can decipher it.

The map apparently depicts "the start of a steel bridge"

You found treasure in the Northern Plains. What do you know? It seems real treasure maps do exist.

The Damaged Map Rewards

  • Labyrinth's Shout


The Damaged Map Objectives

  • Look for a new treasure map for Blacksmith's collection, decipher it, and follow the map
  • The Blacksmith will give NieR a second treasure map to follow. Decipher the second map, and follow it to the new treasure


Materials needed:

The Damaged Map Walkthrough

He will talk about his collection of treasure maps and how he is looking for a new treasure map or two. Grimoire Weiss will suggest looking for a place where old documents are stored 

  • Check the library and examine the shelves on the top floor 

NieR will find a map. The map will be heavily damaged, but a trip to Facade's Strange-Thing Shopkeeper would be able to restore it. He will ask for some materials to repair it



The map will be successfully restored



  • Return the restored map to the Blacksmith and speak with his wife

The Blacksmith's wife will ask NieR to search for the treasure in place of her husband 

  • Take the map to Popola to have it deciphered

The map will say the treasure is inside the Lost Shrine, in a place where sunlight does not reach.


Lost Shrine

  • Head to the Lost Shrine.
  • Go to the second floor, north of the map. There will be a cracked wall and two doors.  Enter the door on the right. 
  • Pick up the item with the indicator

"Obtained Pile of Junk"  You have found the treasure but it turned out to be worthless. 

  • Return the findings to the Blacksmith's wife. 

She will ask NieR to sell her jade hair ornament and purchase something shiny with the proceeds. She wants to give it to her husband and pretend NieR found it. NieR will have the option to sell or keep the ornament 

  • Sell the hair ornament
  • Keep the hair ornament

(if the ornament is sold) You gave the client the gold you got in exchange for the hair ornament.

(if 'Keep' is chosen) Weiss and NieR will convince the blacksmith to give up treasure hunting and he hands over the fist map he ever found.



The Blacksmith will be overjoyed and will give NieR the first map he has ever found. 

It mentions something about the place where the iron bridge starts 


Northern Plains

  • Go to the Northern Plains iron bridge, near the location of the large Wild Boar.
  • After you cross the small bridge toward the western portion of the map, head to the right toward the large bridge that is still standing, there will be a weapon pick-up icon underneath it.

"Obtained the spear, Labyrinth's ShoutThis will complete the quest



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    • Anonymous

      If you chose to sell the gold ornament and the quest doesn't progress, you must go further in the main quest, past something to do with wolves (no spoiler!)

      • Anonymous

        Just select "keep ornament" the wife keeps her ornament and the guy gives you the map anyways. otherwise you have to treck over to fascade for the same reward. All these guides are misleading.

        • Anonymous

          I wasn't able to progress with the quest after talking to the blacksmith's wife and choosing to sell... The quest book kept saying I needed to speak to her about all she says to me is "Thanks for your help" or something. Anyone else have this issue? I don't know if it has anything to do with where I am in the story (which is right after the whole event in facade in part 2)

          • Anonymous

            I want to exchange the ornament. Which option do I choose?

            Sell the hair ornament
            Keep the hair ornament

            I assume it's to keep the hair ornament, but it's not clear...

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