Type Wild Animal
Locations Eastern Road
Loot Items Goat Hide
Goat Meat

Goats are one of the wild inhabitants or animals NieR Replicant. They are usually harvested for materials when they are killed. 


Goats Information

Goats are found in the Eastern Road from the Village and sometimes, but rarely the Northern Plains. They are not as abundant as Goats, but a couple can usually be found roaming around the waters of the Eastern Road. They are one of the more aggressive creatures roaming around the wild and can head-butt or kick NieR when he is nearby. They deal very little damage but will be bothersome if NieR is gathering or Fishing in the area. Goats can be killed and harvested for their Goat Hide, cooked in meals, or the rarer drop, Goat Meat


Goats Loot Items:





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