The Ballad of the Twins 

Type Act I Side Quest
Starting NPC Villager in the Tavern 
Location Village Tavern

The Ballad of the Twins is one of the Side Quests in NieR Replicant. Side quests are optional tasks or quests usually requested by NPCs that players can choose to complete in order to obtain rewards. Some quests rewards are required for certain endings. 


Have Devola and Popola sing a song for you. Discuss the matter with both of them.

Apparently Popola needs a special drink in order to sing. Get it from the tavern in Seafront.

The drink is made of certain special ingredients. Collect five lizard tails and five mouse tails.

You collected the ingredients. Take them to the Seafront tavern.

You successfully created the drink. Report back to Popola.

The sisters have sung their song... though frankly, the drink Popola requested is much more fascinating.

The Ballad of the Twins Rewards

  • none


The Ballad of the Twins Objectives

Convince the twins to duet at the Tavern again

  Materials needed:

The Ballad of the Twins Notes & Trivia

 A villager in the Village Tavern will ask if NieR has heard the twins sings together. They used to come and sing together there all the time but they've become so busy. He asks to bring them back to sing together again.  

Speak to Devola who will probably already be in the Tavern,  and she will say she's willing, but Popola is very busy. 

Speak to Popola, and she will say she needs a drink 

Then speak to the Tavern Keeper at Seafront to find out what Popola likes to drink. He will say he knows the drink but he doesn't have the ingredients on hand. He needs five lizard tails and five mouse tails. 

Return the ingredients to the Tavern Keeper and he will tell NieR to fetch Popola. 

They will both be singing in the Village Tavern and can be requested to finish anytime 


The Ballad of the Twins Walkthrough

  • According to NieR Devola doesn't drink. "If she has even a little, she starts getting a bit too.. um... friendly" 
  • NieR says after a few drinks, Popola is the strongest woman in the land. "Once she got so plastered that she practically destroyed the shop. Knocked down a wall and everything."


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