Character Type Main Character NPC
Name ポポル
Relation Devola's Twin Sister
Voice  Ryoko Shiraishi
Eden Riegel

Popola is an NPC in NieR Replicant. Popola is one of the main characters in the game. She is the Village librarian and a good friend of NieR and Yonah and Devola's twin sister.  She is known for being wise, so NieR often goes to her for information on different locations and subjects. She and Devola both act as the leaders of the Village 


About Popola

Devola and Popola Twin sisters who live in the protagonist's village. They are close confidants of the protagonist and his sister. Popola is the head librarian of the village library and is reserved and calm. She speaks politely and is kind, but she has a strong sense of self. Her sister, Devola, is very animated and loves to sing; she can often be found near the fountain in the village, singing.

Throughout the game,  NieR often goes to Popola to progress in a lot of main story Quests as well as some side quests. She purposely gives NieR extra tasks around the village so he can have extra work and gold to support himself and Yonah. 


Popola Endings

  • In one of the endings, Devola & Popola reveal that they are both actually androids working for project Gestalt, and the rest of them are all replicants, merely shells of human beings and that Shades live on as the remnants of what were human beings, and real human beings have ceased to exist
  • They live eternally for the sole purpose of controlling others, and that is the only reason they exist.
  • They turn to enemies of NieR because the original human NieR wants his shell back
  • When Devola is killed, she continues to fight NieR
  • See also: Devola & Popola for their Boss page


Popola Quotes and Dialogue

Popola speaking about the Song of the Ancients

  • Popola: "When the great black book, Grimoire Noir, plunges the world into chaos...
    The white book, Grimoire Weiss, will appear with his Sealed Verses.
    He will then vanquish Grimoire Noi and restore harmony to the world.
    ...Or so the legend goes "




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