Eastern Road is a location in NieR Replicant. The Eastern Road is the transitional passage to other locations beyond the Village's eastern gates.


Eastern Road Location & Map

The Eastern Road Map can be bought from the Item Shopkeeper at the Village for 500 gold


Eastern Road is accessed from the Village through the eastern gates.



Eastern Road Information

The Eastern Road is a small passage with a pond just beyond the eastern gates of the Village that leads to other locations.

Locations accessible from the Eastern Road: 

The Path to the Lost Shrine gets blocked off after his initial visit and returning with Grimoire Weiss and Yonah, but can instead be accessed using the rear path through the Northern Plains from that point onwards.


These Materials can be foraged in this area:

The fields are inhabited by Goats, Lizards the occasional Wild Boar for harvesting materials.

These Materials can be harvested in this area:

When completing the Boar Hunt Quest, NieR will gain the ability to control the Wild Boar in order to mount them and travel across the plains faster. Only resting boars are able to be controlled. 


Players can find the following Enemies:



Eastern Road Quests & Major Events Walkthrough

There are no Clients for Quests that roam around in the area, but a few quests will require NieR to gather or harvest materials that can be located in the Eastern Road. 



Eastern Road Notes & Trivia 

  • All Aboard! Achievement can be completed here: Ride a Wild Boar for 5 minutes.



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