Type Act II Side Quest
Requirement The Belated Letter
Client Resident above the Blacksmith
Location Seafront
Reward  10000 gold

Freesia is one of the Side Quests in NieR Replicant. Side quests are optional tasks or quests usually requested by NPCs that players can choose to complete in order to obtain rewards. Some quests rewards are required for certain endings. 


A man who lives above the weapon shop in Seafront asked you to deliver a freesia flower to the person running the material shop in Facade.

You safely delivered the freesia. return to the man to collect your reward.

You received a reward from the man. 

Freesia Rewards

  • 10000 gold


Freesia Objectives

 Deliver a Freesia bouquet to the Facade Material Shopkeeper for the Seafront Resident


Freesia Walkthrough

 If the quest is not active, speak to Devola in the Village Tavern first, ask her about quests, and select Freesia to activate this quest. 

  • Speak to the Resident with the green sash located above the Seafront Blacksmith.

He might look familiar. This will be the same resident from the quest The Belated Letter, but he will have a new wife and kid, contrary to the girlfriend NieR had previously attempted to make a delivery for in The Aerie


He has a customer in Facade who needs a Freesia and he wants NieR to help with the delivery. The customer runs the material shop in Facade 

The Shopkeeper will talk about how the flowers remind her of the little girl next door who used to love Freesias in the Aerie. They used to put the flowers in their hair until she was attacked by a Shade and then she turned into a monster. 

  • Return to the resident to let him know the flowers have been delivered to end the quest 


You will still have the option to mention his lover

  • Mention his lover
  • Leave it be

Below is the dialogue that will follow


Mention his lover 


Nier: Listen, this isn't going to be easy, but I think you have a right to know. Do you remember the letter you sent your lover five years ago? Well... (fade to black)
Resident: What...? No. Oh, no...
Grimoire Weiss: I'm sorry.
Resident: If I would have just called her over here sooner...
Nier: ......
Grimoire Weiss: Probably best to leave him alone for now.
Nier: Yeah. 

Choosing to mention his lover will also result in the resident disappearing the next time NieR returns. His wife will say he grabbed his sword and stormed out of the house.



Leave it be 


Nier: You have a good wife and a fine son. Take care of them, all right?
Resident: I will! My family is everything to me, and I'll do whatever it takes to keep them happy.



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