Strange-Thing Shopkeeper

Strange-Thing Store

NPC Merchant
Shop Strange-Thing Shop
Location Facade

The Strange-Thing Shopkeeper is one of the many Merchant NPCs in NieR Replicant. They own a Strange-Thing Store in Facade, which sells as the title says, strange things. Things that are so strange, no one is sure what they do. It serves as a necessary stop for a number of Quests.


About the Strange-thing Shopkeeper

The Strange-Thing Shopkeeper seems to hold a number of random things and have some strange abilities. During quests, the Strange-Thing Shopkeeper is the go-to for restoring old documents, retrieving rare materials, trading valuable goods, and obtaining aphrodisiac oil. They are all items necessary for Quests, but usually does not have a stock of things to sell to NieR.

He also, unfortunately, runs into some trouble with his own wife, and for once asks NieR for help and serves as a client for one of the quests. 



The Strange-Thing Shopkeeper is a client for one of NieR's Quests and serves as a necessary destination stop for a lot of other Quests

Strange-Thing Shopkeeper Quests:

Other Quests: 



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