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The Aerie

The Village Grocer is one of the many Merchant NPCs in NieR Replicant. They own a small Grocery Store in the Village that sells a selection of crops and fresh produce goods and usually some imported fruits and vegetables


  Like most shops in the Village, The Village Blacksmith will be located in the Village's Shopping District. 


There are four Grocer merchants in four locations:


Prices of each Grocery Stock differ depending on the location 




Village Grocery Branch Stock

Item Use Cost
Pumpkin A pumpkin seed that you can plant in the field.  400 gold
Beans Ancient lore claims this fruit is musical 288 gold
Tomato A vegetable suitable for both eating and throwing at stage performers.  240 gold
Eggplant An eggplant seed that you can plant in the field.  320 gold
Wheat  Used to make bread, but also eaten plain during tough times 500 gold



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