The Lost Shrine is the first Location of NieR Replicant outside the Village. It is where the Lunar Tears are believed to be and where NieR first meets Grimoire Weiss.


Lost Shrine Location 

The Map of the Lost Shrine will be obtained inside the Lost Shrine. it will be in a crate after the first flight of stairs. 

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I/F & Rooftop Maps

According to Popola, it's just through the Eastern Gate and through the Eastern Road passage from the Village. The main path will be blocked, but there will be a ladder nearby to take another route until NieR Reaches the suspension bridge. 

The Path to the Lost Shrine gets blocked off after his initial visit and returning with Grimoire Weiss and Yonah, but can instead be accessed using the rear path through the Northern Plains from that point onwards.


Lost Shrine Information

The Lost Shrine is an isolated ancient structure that sits alone on a carved-out rock surrounded by water.  It is believed that the legendary Lunar Tears used to grow there. NieR comes to look for her after she sets off for the Lost Shrine in search of the Lunar Tears, in hopes it would cure her of her Black Scrawl disease and relieve NieR of his caretaking responsibilities. 

It holds the white book Grimoire Weiss that was once guarded by the twin stone guardians, Hansel and Gretel until NieR unleashes him. Its interior holds a large spiral staircase and has many levels and rooms that are riddled with hoards of Shades. The spiral staircase wraps around the Great Tree in the center of the Shrine that outgrew the roof. A mailbox savepoint can be located at the roof before the book chamber. 

NieR will obtain his first Sealed Verse, and enter his first boss fight sequence against Hansel and Gretel at the Lost Shrine. This will also be the first location to find the first Key Fragment to the Shadorlord's Castle. It is later found that the Lost Shrine is a portal to the Shadowlord's Castle as well


Players can find the following NPCs:

Players can find the following Enemies:

These Materials can be found in this area:


Lost Shrine Quests & Major Events Walkthrough

The Lost Shrine will be a necessary stop in a few Side Quests in NieR Replicant but does not have any quest clients. 



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