Robots are one of the Enemies of NieR Replicant. They are the robots put in place as defense systems of the Junk Heap.


Robots Location

The Robots are teeming in each room and floor of the Junk Heap


Robots Information

The robots of the Junk Heap are in-built defense systems using old world technology. They were built long ago, but the power continues to run are they are all still operational. 

The robots roam each room and floor of the Junk Heap. They vary in kind, size, shape, and drops. Robots usually drop metal raw materials that can be used for forging weapons and upgrades at Two Brothers Weaponry.


Robot Types 


Ground Robot (Yellow lights)


The most commonly found kind of robot found throughout the Junk Heap with common drops. They are easy to beat and only require 1-2 hits. 

location: 1F, B1, B2  

Ground Robot (Red lights)


A stronger version of the yellow light robots in B1. Though these robots are also found in B1, the stronger robots are more commonly found in B2. Farming the robots in B2 is recommended for rare Item drops. 

location: 1F, B1, B2  




Flying Drone Robots


These robots are abundant during NeiR's ride on the mine cart in B1.  They fly out of the wall passages and come down so that they are still in range for melee attacks. A common drop for them are broken motors.

location: B1, B2

Type-specific Item Drops: 

Broken Motor


P-32 Giant Robots


P-32 Robots are giant robots that activate mini-boss fight sequences.  They are the the most likely to drop rarer metal raw materials. Gideon will recommend looking for the real big enemies on the second basement level when he sends NieR to look for memory alloy. The boss, P-33, is a similar type of P-32 robot.

Location: B2 

Rare Item Drops:

Memory Alloy



Robot Item Drops  

Item Location Rarity
Dented Metal Board All robots, some crates in the Junk Heap Common
Stripped Bolt Ground robots, most common in red light robots Common
Broken Lens All robots Common
Severed Cable All robots, more common in the robots in B2 Common
Broken Arm All robots Common
Broken Antenna All robots Common
Broken Motor Flying robots, B2 Common
Broken Battery All robots Common
Mysterious Switch Stronger robots, B2 Very Rare
Machine Oil Stronger robots, B2 Very Rare
Large Gear More common in stronger robots and the large P-32 robots Very Rare
Titanium Alloy More common in stronger robots and the large P-32 robots Very Rare
Memory Alloy Stronger robots and the large P-32 robots Very Rare




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