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The Village Blacksmith is one of the many Merchant NPCs in NieR Replicant. They own a Weapon Shop in the Village that sells different weapons, swords, and spears in the Village.  The Weapons Shop is sometimes Identifiable by the double axe symbol emblem. 

 Like most shops in the Village, The Village Blacksmith will be located in the Village's Shopping District. 

There are four Blacksmith merchants in four locations:


But there is a fifth Weapon Shop for Weapon upgrades that is run by Jakob and Gideon located right outside the Junk Heap called the Two Brothers Weaponry


The inventory of the Weapons Shop changes overtime. Some weapons are only available during Act II. 



The Village Blacksmith is a client the quest, The Damaged Map.  The Blacksmith's Wife, located in the same Weapons shop, will also be a part of The Gatekeeper's Errand.


The Village Weapon Shop Stock

Item Description Cost
Lily-Leaf Sword  A narrow sword once owned by a woman of such impossible beauty that men begged her to take their lives. 2400 gold
Beastbain A sword that bears a beastly motif. Its short, thin blade seems eager to vanish from sight.  16800 gold
(Act II) Axe of Beheading A man's dementia drove him to attack his daughter's fiancé with this axe. Sadly, he hit his daughter instead. 19200 gold
(Act II) Sunrise This spear's point is so finely honed that all who are grazed by it experience an instant, painless death. 21600 gold


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