Sebastian the Butler 

Character Type NPC
Location Emil's Manor

Emil's butler, also known as Sebastian, is an NPC in NieR Replicant. He is a minor character who remains in Emil's Manor. He cares deeply for Emil and always does things in Emil's best interest. 

He does not move a lot and was mistaken for a statue with the resemblance of a butler. He and Emil don't appear to age. 


Sebastian the Butler Quests

In Act II, the butler is a client to two of NieR's Side Quests


Sebastian the Butler Appearances

  • He makes his first appearance after Yonah receives a penpal letter from Emil asking for their help in finding a cure for his eyes. He welcomes NieR into the mansion and asks him to wait there.
  • After a combat sequence, it is later found out that the butler himself had sent the letter under Emil's name seeking help for Emil. 
  • He makes another appearance upon NieR's second visit to Emil's Manor and welcomes NieR and his companions, yet again. 


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    • Anonymous

      22 May 2021 20:09  

      Spoiler: Pretty sure he is an android. Doesn't age and move mechanically (likely an older model, probably also developed in the research factory)

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