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The Aerie

The Facade Grocer is one of the many Merchant NPCs in NieR Replicant. They own a Grocery Store in Facade that sells a selection of crops and fresh produce goods. Usually some imported fruits and vegetables


There are four Grocer merchants in four locations:


Prices of each Grocery Stock differ depending on the location 




Facade Grocery Stock

Item Use Cost
Pumpkin  An orange-colored fruit often used as a decoration during the
winter months.
500 gold
Melon  A sweet-smalling fruit that's quite popular among odler women. 1200 gold
Watermelon  Children often hold spitting contests with this fruit 800 gold
Gourd  Many people use these empty shells as water containers. 600 gold
Berries   Berries that have fallen from a tree. 200 gold





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