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The Aerie Blacksmith is one of the many Merchant NPCs in NieR Replicant. They own a Weapons Shop in The Aerie that sells different weapons, swords and spears in The Aerie.

  •  Note: The Aerie Merchants will only briefly be available towards the end of Act II when the city unseals itself from isolation.


There are four Blacksmith merchants in four locations:

But there is a fifth Weapon Shop for Weapon upgrades that is run by Jakob and Gideon located right outside the Junk Heap called the Two Brothers Weaponry.  


Most of the weapons in The Aerie Weapons Shop are usually found in other towns. 

The Aerie Weapons Shop will also only stock Faith if it has not been acquired from the Forest of Myth in Act I




The Aerie Weapons Shop Stock

Item Description Cost
(If not acquired)
A blade once held by an attendant who cared deeply for his lord. Like his loyalty, its blade is unbent. 18000 gold
(Act II) Sunrise This spear's point is so finely honed that all who are grazed by it experience an instant, painless death. 21600 gold





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