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The Fishmonger is one of the many Merchant NPCs in NieR Replicant.  He owns a Fish Shop in Seafront that sells a variety of fishing goods and fish once they are unlocked.

 The only Fish Shop is found in Seafront



Complete the Fisherman's quests, or catch more fish to expand the Fish Shop inventory. Fishbait from the Tackle Shop can also help with the Fisherman's Gambit Quests. For a more detailed guide on which fish bait to use and fish spawn locations, check the Fishing Guide

Fishing Quests:


Fish Shop Stock

The Fish Shop inventory won't have any stock until NieR starts fishing. The inventory grows each time he catches a new fish. 

Item Description Cost
Shaman Fish A saltwater fish often used for medicinal purposes. 300 gold
Sardine A common saltwater fish that can also be used as bait. 250 gold
Blowfish A toxic saltwater fish. The non-lethal parts are delicious. 350 gold
Rainbow Trout A freshwater fish that sports vibrant colors. 1200 gold
Bream A valuable saltwater fish eaten during auspicious occasions. 1500 gold
Black Bass A freshwater fish found almost everywhere. 3000 gold
Carp A popular freshwater fish that can also be used as bait.  NA
Sandfish A unique crustacean that enjoys burrowing into the sand. 5000 gold
Royal Fish  A freshwater fish with eggs valued in gourmet cuisine. 8000 gold
Giant Catfish A freshwater fish known for its catlike whiskers.  NA
Blue Marlin  A sharp-billed saltwater fish of impressive size. 3800 gold
Shark  A saltwater fish known for its ferociousness.  NA
Hyneria A legendary freshwater fish that has existed for millennia. 12000 gold
Dunkleosteus  A legendary saltwater fish often referred to as a living fossil.  NA
Rhizodont A rare fish that can survive on land for short periods of time.  NA



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