Character Type NPC
Family  Kainé
Location The Aerie
See also Kainé's Dreams
Voice Mari Yokoo

Kali is one of the NPCs of NieR Replicant. She is mentioned in the story as Kainé's grandmother and her sole caretaker but does not make an appearance. They lived together on the outskirts of The Aerie.


"I don't need to escape. I have a home now.
Grandma loves me, and that's enough. Even if it's us against the world."


Kali Information

Kali had a personality much like Kainé, was "cunning, vulgar and quick to violence They had a very close relationship. Ever since Kainé was young and her parents, died Kali had accepted her as her own. Then, they only had each other in the world. They cared for each other very much. 

She is known for making Kainé the wreath of Lunar Tears that she keeps. Lunar Tears were legendary flowers; most people go their entire lives without ever seeing one. and yet her grandmother somehow collected a dozen or more for her wreath. 

She passes away one day, when Kainé leaves to finish some chores. She returns to find her home in chaos and under siege by a large Shade, they come to know as Hook. Despite Kainé's efforts, her grandmother dies from her injuries and Kainé grows a new vengeance towards Hook, and other Shades


Kali Appearances

Kali is only briefly mentioned in NieR Replicant on the second run of the game through a series of Kainé's dreams. She is also brought up during an encounter with Hook when he tries to impersonate Kali in battle to distract her in combat. 


Kainé's Dreams:



Discrimination is about Kainé's run-in with the bullies of The Aerie. Kali is the one to come and save Kainé from them and doesn't hesitate to throw rocks at them to make them go away. Kali encourages Kainé to fight back. 


Daily Life

Kali had taken Kainé to live on the outskirts of The Aerie. Kainé tried her best to help her grandmother with all the chores, but Kali took every task that required travel to the village. She had a long list of plausible excuses, but Kainé knew the real reason was that she didn't want her to be taunted and harassed by the other villagers. 

Even when Kali fell ill, and Kainé wanted to look for some medicine in the village, Kali insisted she was fine to prevent Kainé from entering The Aerie, but she went anyway. It was then she met the apothecary shopkeeper who had been one of the only villagers who was kind to her. She admired his portrait on the wall of his late daughter and handed her a set of crayons to try drawing for herself.  She decides to draw Kali so she could live forever. 



One day, Kainé headed out to do chores and collect supplies to strengthen the walls of their home and gather some food. She worried about her grandmother all day. When she returned, she found their home was ablaze. The smoke was thick and it was dark, but she burst into the front yard. Inside the smoke, was the thick inky blackness of an enormous Shade, Hook. 

She turned to see a figure in the rubble and realized her grandmother was still alive, but the Shade's scream had a power that sent her tumbling through the air before smashing her against the rocky earth. The Shade stomped toward the house and pinner her grandmother to the ground with the tip of a claw. The old woman struggled to move the claw from her stomach but she might as well have been pushing a mountain. She coughed briefly sned a small spray of blood into the air, then collapsed into the ground, her energy spent. 

One of the last things her grandmother told her to do was run. 

"She felt her desire to kill and her desire to live blend into one. The distance between heartbeats grew longer. and longer--" 



Kali when talking about Kainé's bully,  Dima 

  • Kali: "Death is the best cure for stupid"


  • Kali "It's a river wide and deep that flows between the realms of this world and the next and ti grants no mercy to any that attempt the crossin'. You got a duty to fight it until your last breath."

The last conversation Kainé had with her grandmother before she left the hut to do some chores.

  • Kainé "Grandma, a dying cat could chew a through this house. I'm going to build a stone wall so we have some protection. "
    "Godadamn girl, if a buncha thieves want to ransack this place, let 'em come! We got nothin' worth stealin' anyway. "  


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