Character Type NPC
Location Seafront Pier

The Fisherman is one of the NPCs in NieR Replicant. He hangs around the Seafront Pier catching fish, and eager to share his trade secrets at the price of a fish. 


Fisherman Information 

The fisherman at the Seafront pier is a true expert in the art of Fishing. NieR goes to him for guidance on how to fish, and he challenges him with a fishing task before teaching him his fishing secrets. When Grimoire Weiss questioned his intentions, he called him a floating magazine.

The old Fisherman is a vital character in all the Fisherman Quests that help NieR improve his Fishing Skills. His Quests usually consist of bringing him a number of fish of his choice. Speaking to him for the first time will give NieR his first Fishing rod and Lure set. 

Completing his quests will also unlock more inventory items with the Fishmonger and Tackle Shopkeeper. 


Fisherman's Quests

Check the Fishing Guide for details on how to fish,  fish spawn locations, and the correct bait choices. 



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