The Aerie Village Chief

Character Type NPC
Location The Aerie

The Aerie Village Chief is one of the NPCs of NieR Replicant. He is the Chief of The Aerie Identifiable by his golden hut at the highest point of the village. 

The Aerie Village Chief Information

The Aerie Village Chief is always in his hut. During NieR's initial visit to the Aerie, the camera will pan towards the Village Chief's hut, as reaching him would be his next objective. 

He is identified by his golden hut on top of The Aerie Village. 

He does not make an appearance in the game outside his own home, and all conversations with the Chief are held with the door and his walls between them. 


The Aerie Village Chief Appearances

Throughout the game, NieR is tasked to visit the Chief twice. The first time, he is sent to ask him about any potential Sealed Verse locations, but to no avail, as the Chief only repeatedly shoo them away.

In Act II, he returns to see the Chief after he had sent Popola a letter, but once NieR speaks to him., he denies any letter and proceeds to lament about his own village and continues to be unhelpful until they leave him alone. 



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