Village Tavern Keeper


NPC Merchant
Shop Tavern
Locations Village

The Village Tavern Keeper is one of the many NPCs in NieR Replicant. They own a Tavern that sells drinks to Villagers and sometimes serves food as well. The Tavern will usually not have anything purchasable for NieR

Like most shops in the Village, The Tavern will be located in the Village's Shopping District. The Tavern can be identified with the wine bottle and glass symbol at the storefront.


There are two Taverns Keepers in NieR Replicant in two separate locations


Devola will most likely be found playing in the Village Tavern a majority of the game after she is spoken to at the fountain a number of times. Here, she can also make suggestions on NieR's next Quests



The Village Tavern Keeper is a client to a few Quests

At some point, both Popola and Devola can be seen doing a duet together at the Tavern upon completion of The Ballad of the Twins Quest. 


The Tavern can also be the activation starting point in a number of Side Quests in Seafront as well including:

If quests cannot be activated by the client, it is likely that NieR needs to speak to Devola in the Village Tavern to activate the Quest.  


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