Lighthouse Lady

Character Type NPC
Location Seafront
Voice Michiru Wada

Lighthouse Lady (Ursula) is one of the NPCs of NieR Replicant. She runs the Lighthouse in Seafront and plays a major role in a number of Side Quests.  


Lighthouse Lady Quests

The Lighthouse Lady is a part of a number of quests that mostly also involve the Postman in Seafront


Lighthouse Lady Information

The Lighthouse Lady's name is Ursula, though it is not mentioned anywhere in the game. She is the cranky old woman who has been running the Seafront Lighthouse on her own for many years and is well-known among the residents in Seafront. She is driven by the hope of her far away lover who sends her letters and hopes to visit.  She continues to run the lighthouse for when he visits. It is later found that she becomes infected with a fatal disease like Yonah's, the Black Scrawl.


Lighthouse Lady Appearances

Quest Spoilers Ahead: As NieR is introduced to the Lighthouse Lady. she gives off a cranky. unfriendly first impression. But as he delves into a few of her quests, he starts to sympathize with her situation. Her one request is to abandon her post at the lighthouse before she dies so she can hop on a boat to meet her foreign lover before she dies, but the Postman continues to deny her request and reminds her that she is not to abandon the lighthouse because nobody else can run it. 

However, NieR finds out that this is not the real reason why he is keeping her there when he unveils a town secret. With the town's combined efforts, they have been secretly writing her letters signed from her far foreign lover who has actually long passed away. To keep her hopeful and protect her, the Postman and the other residents kept the news from her and instead, wrote on his behalf for the past 50 years

When NieR finds out about the secret, the Postman shares the stack of unsent letters from the Lighthouse Lady and leaves the decision to tell the truth to NieR.  

She soon after passes away from her illness, but they say she passed away with a smile on her face. 


Lighthouse Lady Dialogue

Villager: " Huh? The lighthouse lady? She's a mean ol' battle axe, that one!" 


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