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Material Shop 

NPC Merchant
Shop Material Shop
Stock Raw Materials
Locations Village

Seafront Material Shopkeeper is one of the many Merchant NPCs in NieR Replicant. They own a Material Shop in Seafront that sells raw materials that are gatherable. The items found in Materials Shops can usually be gathered and picked up while exploring.


There are three Material Shopkeepers in three locations:


Each shop carries a stock of raw materials that are different and will depend on the materials available in their location.


Seafront Material Shopkeeper Stock 

Item Use Cost
Shell  A shell that washed ashore 100 gold
Gastropod  A gastropod from the ocean. Tasty when used in a stew 500 gold 
Bivalve  A bivalve from the ocean. Often used in simple recipes 300 gold 
Pearl  A pearl that shines brightly 3000 gold 
Moldavite  A mined stone that can be cut into a beautiful green jewel 5000 gold 
Natural Rubber An elastic substance obtained from trees   700 gold





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