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The Village Material Shopkeeper is one of the many Merchant NPCs in NieR Replicant. They own a Material Shop that sells raw materials that are gatherable. The items found in Materials Shops can usually be gathered and picked up while exploring.


 Like most shops in the Village, The Village Material Shop will be located in the Village's Shopping District.  


The Material Shops have three branches in three locations:


Each shop carries a stock of raw materials that are different and will depend on the materials available in their location.



Village Material Shop Stock

Item Use Cost
Berries  Berries that have fallen from a tree. 200 gold
Log  Processed timber that's ready for use  500 gold
Ivy  A plant that grows in thin vines. It's frequently used in rope 300 gold
Sap Found at harvest points in the northern and southern plains, and sometimes along the eastern road. 600 gold
Wool  Fuzzy wool from a sheep 800 gold




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