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The Aerie

The Village Item Shopkeeper is one of the many Merchant NPCs in NieR Replicant. They own an Item Shop in the Village that usually sells general Items like maps and consumables, or an assortment of recovery items that can affect NieR's Stats or reverse some status effects.

Like most shops in the Village, The Village Item Shop will be located in the Village's Shopping District.


The Item Shop will be a necessary stop in a number of Side Quests.


The Item Shop can sometimes be identified with the potion symbol at the storefront. There are four Item Shopkeepers in four locations:


Each shop carries a similar stock of items, though some branches are more limited than others.

Some common items found in each shop are Medicinal Herbs, Health Salves, and Antidotal Weeds.




Village Item Shop Stock


Item Use Price
Eastern Road Map  A map of the Eastern Road 500 gold
The Aerie Map A map of The Aerie 500 gold
Forest of Myth Map A map of the Forest of Myth 500 gold
Medicinal Herbs Restores up to 30% of the user's HP 100 gold
Health Salve Restores up to 60% of the user's HP 1000 gold
Antidotal Weed Cures Poison 600 gold




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